The Forum House Band

Alright I can’t make anything at the moment but lets see if anyone else can get something going before I do.

Anyone can do it if you’ve got Garageband/Ableton/Protools/Audacity or whatever. Or just record something on your phone if you can figure out how.

How it (hopefully) works:

  • Someone starts - I’ll do something tomorrow if nobody beats me to it. Basically someone is going to record something, a guitar hook or a bassline or drumbeat or whatever.
  • Let’s start easy, just do something in 4/4 at 120 BPM, or note the BPM if it’s not 120.
  • Record 8 bars and export it to a wav file.
  • Give the file descriptive name (e.g. bassline.wav)
  • Load it up on wetransfer and post the link on here.
  • Other people then record other parts. (it’s easier if you upload your track solo as well as full version, that way other people can mix things how they like)

No rules on genre or instruments etc - just make noises and see what comes out of it.

It probably won’t work but it’s something to do.


I like this idea.

Ha this is ace. If I have time I’ll get involved with the chiptuneish tracker I’ve been playing with.

yeah, this will be fun. it could go any way which is exciting.

Down for this

That sounds well fun.

Alright I made a little synthy thing. Nothing particularly creative.

Go crazy.

Sounds better with some reverb on it but I figure we can just tweak everything as we go

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I made a drum loop (me playing), it’s not perfect but might be good to mess around with. I just recorded a whole 8 mins if people prefer to jam it.


File is downloadable

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The timing of the last note makes it loop oddly.

Altered the pad loop to make something fit.
Is that allowed?

Here is the arp I quicky diddles together and a file that contains it layered to the pad after changing the order of it a little.

Oops my bad… Looped for my ok, last chord is a bit syncopated but maybe I goofed.

It’s the right length, just personally found that last note awkwardly timed for such an exercise, or was too lazy to try much harder especially since I went straight in for a rigidly timed arpeggio.

nice lads, i’ll add something asap. tomorrow maybe.

Going to reupload the arp… With some 8d…you will need some headphones to notice it.

It does seem to add some artefacting but I kept it to a minimum. It is not normalized to the usual level that I would do for that reason.

will deffo get something this arvo. What version is the final one so far?

I reckon we just all chip in some bits and see what happens rather than a strict method?

Nice one, can you send that piano on its own?

yeah, had some work come in so I’ll get it uploaded asap this afternoon

Just chopped this for making some breaks, nice one Jim.

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