The * Mountain Video

Only just noticed this forum’s existence from the N26 Reddit page that was set up. I’ve been working on a full length video for the past 3 years, with the DREAM that I would get a mention on the Sidewalk website. Little did I know it would take 3 years to make, in which time Sidewalk alongside the forum would meet it’s demise.

I guess this is why nobody takes the time to make full lengths any more. Nevertheless, I’ve just uploaded the full video to YouTube, so if you have a spare 45 minutes give it a watch and let me know what you think.

It doesn’t feature anybody particularly well known in the scene, just me and my mates clinging on to our twenties seeing if we can still skate as good as we did when we were teenagers.


It has occurred to me I’ve posted this in the wrong section of the forum. Apologies- can a moderator move it or something?

It’s in the right place. Full lengths deserve a thread and one by a forum member even more so.


(Edited original post to embed for the lazy)

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It’s the last full length I’ll do I think. The one I did before this was in 2007. It was a simpler time back then…

Good work Phil watched the first 20mins at breakfast! Watch the rest later.

Cheers- sounds like you turned it off right around the time it gets to my part…

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Title changed to bring in line with some google ad policies

I tell innocent kids it’s ‘Funk Mountain’

Don’t have time to watch the whole thing (at work) right now, but watched what I’m guessing is your part (you have the Fuck Mountain t shirt, yes?). Seriously good! Well done.

What width is that board by the way? Looks tiny.

EDIT - nope, it was Duane James. I’ll watch more later…

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enjoyed alcoholic john’s tricks at spring lane - hit me up if you come here for a skate again soon !

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really really enjoyed that

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Duane is one of those guys who skated 15 years ago and still has his original 7.75 board and never lost any of his tricks. Glad you enjoyed his part! Mines the part with all the manuals with Small Faces

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He has a very unique way of skating. We’ll be coming to Radlands at some point in the summer, we’re trying the 100 skatepark challenge this year. Any other parks down that way? Good or bad is fine

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Omg 100 skateparks sounds fun. Especially the shitty ones

We basically avoided skateparks for 3 years filming the FM video so now we’re avoiding street skating for these 100 parks! Shit ones are funny only if you’re on the way to a known decent park

Damn that sounds well fun! Yeah quite a few, can do Spratton, Kings Heath, Radlands plus there’s a few more old shite metal ramp council parks kicking about, there’s also Daventry, Wellingborough, Kettering, Thrapston and more I can’t think of right now fairly near too.

I really want to go here soon would deffo be a good one to include in the 100 parks -

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A little out the way to make the drive from Leicester worth it but have added the other parks above to our list. cheers!

Have fun.

That wouldnt be the worst park we’ve been to this year.