The National MMXX

UK team videos are rare on the ground these days and this is really good.

Tommy May’s part is especially sick as is the new dude Victor’s mini part.
Hyped to see Smithy/Mackey/Joe G clips too


Nice. Cam footage was good. Wish there was more of that Victor guy.

Tommy May is obviously very good, styles a bit crazy for me.

Only just got on though.

Big extra points for using Karen Dalton too

Loved it. Absolutely loved it.

This is how you should feel after watching a promo video. I want to skate!!!

Love the Nationals whole art direction/vibe. Would be cool if they get more exposure next year

Wasn’t really feeling Tommy Mays part though, style or tricks. No diss, just personal taste

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Everyone’s name pops up once and then you have no idea who’s on the screen. Obviously smithy and Mackey I recognise but everyone else no clue.

Annoying AF


And Harrison and Joe obviously.

When was the last proper UK vid before Cover Version?


Proper bo vid that, only gripe was the titles popping up once like Hugo said. Other than that? Like I said, proper bo.

That’s how skate videos are and have always been though… Just that fewer videos have titles on them at all nowadays.

Titles introduce the person, the first time they appear. I’ve never been able to follow who’s who properly in friends sections either, but it’s definitely not exclusive to this.

Yeah but then they mashed everyone up and with the fisheye footage could hardly tell who’s who.

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Really enjoyed this. Tommy held it down.

What happened to Manhead? Is he not riding for them anymore?

Wasn’t that Manhead with Ben at the start?

That was Thomas Harrison.

That was brilliant. Tommy May is so good to watch.

Mackey’s hippy jump line was so good.

My only criticism is that I wish there was more Dan West footage.


They’re both men with heads

Victor mputu footage was great.
He’s the first person I’ve seen in donkeys years that I feel has had a ‘traditional’ introduction to the world of sponsored skating in the U.K.
He had that great backside noseblunt photo and interview in vague mag and a part in the same month.
I can’t really explain what I mean very well, but it’s nice to see someone come up like this, as opposed to finding someone through Instagram, like it’s more official or something?


Fuck I wish I had a local skateshop where I could pick Vague, Grey and Free from / chill / spend money. Haven’t had a copy of any of those in maybe 3 years.

You can subscribe to Free and North.

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