The Papa Mios Video

So it’s finally out, after almost 5 years in the making and a nice good 'ol virus lockdown to help simultaneously stop most progress, but also help get loads of people out and on it once ‘life’ re-opened.

Hope it was ok to make my own thread btw, didn’t know whether to also post in the new footage thread, too?

I dunno either ways, enjoyo boyo/s.


Safe, mate. Nice one.

So, I went through 3 Mk1 front elements to make this. The one in that lens hit surprisingly lives on, thanks to the wonderful Takashi filter I was using at the time! Although the VX1 needed the front VAP unit replacing.

Yep! Penny was pretty sound with me poaching some angles when we with them last Sept. Stoked to have gotten that!

That was the ever so wonderful commentary of Kirtley, who also does some similar commentary in other parts haha.

Going to sit down and give this a proper watch later @Pedromayn. Congratulations!

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Safe G, nice one!

Absolutely triffic vid this! Gonna watch it again later :heart:


This is fucking brilliant.

The heart and dedication required to make a full length skate video should not got unnoticed.

Top quality skating, filming and editing.

If we ever meet I’m buying the beers.



This was sick!
The first section was really good, very different! the manny drop quick tre was ridic

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Really enjoyed this!
Loads of nice spots done really well

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This was so sick! Really enjoyed it.

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Great job @Pedromayn!

You must have scoured Google Maps for a lot of those spots, some amazing clips in there. I also liked that you took the trip to the Bristol outskirts spots that I found (Staple Hill) ones. PT and Swansea clips ruled.

My only criticism is that it could have done with colour correction to lift the footage, but I know that VX footage can fall apart pretty easily!


Music was sick too, as others have said


Apart from Britain First advocate :wink:


Was sick to see Welsh Tommy skating the same curb spot (curb on top of another curb making a ledge) that skated in his east vapors section!

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Safe mukka!

Luckily a lot of spots in places like Swansea are quite close together, as it’s a small city. We caught that newish plaza spot (a short ledge, then a kicker going downhill) at the right time, as it’s now knobbed. Bristol trips are always fun as it’s not too far to venture over on a weekend. Jack’s living there now, so he would spot stuff on his travels and ping it over on our group chat. I do enjoy a Google Street View browse when work’s quiet!

Yeah I wish I did have a go at doing some colour correction, to be honest. I guess I was so focused on getting the video together and keeping it concise. I have done a tiny bit before but never delved into it properly. I feel like I need to do it with the new XF100 I got as it’s kinda flat in spots (and find out how to properly setup the CP settings on it, as nothing seems to exist online!)

This is the last thing I’ll do with the VX1 unless any projects come up that need it, as it took 3 of the buggers to make this vid haha. The main one I used decided to start doing trippy colours and wouldn’t work with the trick of wacking it AND the last one liked to turn off if you moved it like, 45 degrees pointing to the west or whatever. Got to love old, antiquated tech.


Been watching this in the bath over the last few days (nice detail for you).

Super sick. Just makes you want to go out and skate.

Shocked at how few spots I recognised though. What was the furthest west spot you hit?

I know there were two Haverfordwest clips there (skatepark and into the dinky bank by the river) and i think that rancid metal midi/vert is in Pembroke Dock. Was there any others?

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Mainly Haverfordwest for that neck of woods, as most of the boyos in the vid were up there and we did some trips that way to get stuff.

Other than that it was Aberystwyth we got a lot of footy at, too. Love that plaza setup they got.


Ahhhh Aberystwyth. Yeah that looks amazing.

You didn’t get a single clip at the best spot in pembs though. Gutted! :smile:

Ahhh the classic!

If you ever need any help give me a shout. It was mainly just the footage that needed the levels adjusting, as there were a few clips that lacked contrast and felt quite washed out.

This is all just me being a picky editor, so feel free to completely ignore me!

Didn’t realise Jack is living in Bristol now. I wouldn’t have seen him anyway, it’s been so long since I skated in Bristol and it’s been nearly 3 months since I’ve stepped on my board.

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Safe mate, will drop you a message some time once I start to get some footy together!

Yep, only in the past year or so. Should come out soon when we pop up next or something, the Slab is definitely a fave at the moment whilst the floor is tidy and not weathered, guaranteed roll there and nae bother.

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