New Bronze video. Really enjoyable as always!


I really want to watch this right now but I was just off into the garden to wood stain a fence. If I stick this on I’ll be grabbing my board not a paintbrush straight after…damn, priorities.

Nice to see some interesting ride on grinds, the hot trend for 2021. That was a sick video as usual. This will be on rotation in a lot of skate shops.

Edit - half way through…Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz and Giggs tracks both went so well.

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Really dope early Eminem freestyle in there as well

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Nice start to the week. John Shanahan is sick, but if you’re gonna dress like someone from the 90’s, why did you pick Chad Knight?


I’m hoping for some high tech graphical treats in this one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Rob Dyrdek day one was my favourite bit.

Been a Goodyear for videos.



The first guy skating to Darkthrone knocked my socks of

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He’s wearing a pair of trousers I sent him in this. I know because the photo was in Thrasher.

Who was the last guy? Him, Dick Rizzo and Trahan were fucking amazing.

Fuck, I loved everything about this.

We’re truly blessed. This is like when that 411 with the first division section came out the same week as mouse.

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Last guy might be Grady Smith. Can’t find him on insta. He’s solid…

Been a good day. it’s been mental! I can’t keep up

So much good stuff in Dick Rizzo’s section! Wow. Especially liked the 5-0 backlip at that classic DC bank spot.

Loved Rizzo’s part, music was wicked.

Billy McFeely skating to the Nokia ringtone made me chuckle.


I think thats the one from Sway’s morning show just before his first album came out

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Yeah, you’re right. He looks fucking massive! Just rewatched this edit from one of the Bronze filmers from last year which he is in - they used the Suciu track from his recent adidas part! NY-based song beef!

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