New Bronze video. Really enjoyable as always!


I really want to watch this right now but I was just off into the garden to wood stain a fence. If I stick this on I’ll be grabbing my board not a paintbrush straight after…damn, priorities.

Nice to see some interesting ride on grinds, the hot trend for 2021. That was a sick video as usual. This will be on rotation in a lot of skate shops.

Edit - half way through…Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz and Giggs tracks both went so well.

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Really dope early Eminem freestyle in there as well

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I’m hoping for some high tech graphical treats in this one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Rob Dyrdek day one was my favourite bit.

Been a Goodyear for videos.



The first guy skating to Darkthrone knocked my socks of

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He’s wearing a pair of trousers I sent him in this. I know because the photo was in Thrasher.

Who was the last guy? Him, Dick Rizzo and Trahan were fucking amazing.

Fuck, I loved everything about this.

We’re truly blessed. This is like when that 411 with the first division section came out the same week as mouse.

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Last guy might be Grady Smith. Can’t find him on insta. He’s solid…

Been a good day. it’s been mental! I can’t keep up

So much good stuff in Dick Rizzo’s section! Wow. Especially liked the 5-0 backlip at that classic DC bank spot.

Loved Rizzo’s part, music was wicked.

Billy McFeely skating to the Nokia ringtone made me chuckle.


I think thats the one from Sway’s morning show just before his first album came out

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Yeah, you’re right. He looks fucking massive! Just rewatched this edit from one of the Bronze filmers from last year which he is in - they used the Suciu track from his recent adidas part! NY-based song beef!

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Nice one…Will peep.