The Rugby Thread

We had a rugby forum on N26 so I think we should have one on here.

7 days until the RWC kicks off

SA gunna get hammered first game. rad.

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Japan v Russia is a great opening game!

Rob Howely, what a clown.

I don’t think too many people will be crying into their pints of Brains to see him go though…


well things are looking up for Wales! :joy:

You reckon he was caught having a sneaky flutter on Wales failing to score a single try from open play for the duration of the tournament?

Why can’t we have one world Cup that is just nice and straightforward.

If it gets worse than this… Jesus.

The worst thing about this is how rad all the prep has been and this is going to piss all over it.

Yeah but it won’t matter.

Wales were fucked once Anscombe and Faletau were crocked. I’d be amazed if you get past the quarters.

Pleased a put a bet on the Saffas when they were 18/1

As for the other posts - ABs may beat the Saffas on Saturday, but they won’t hammer them.

First game is going to be an exhibition game for Japan

Just found out that ITV have the whole tournament. For fucks sake.

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The Gareth Thomas documentary has been on for 10 seconds and its already got me going. :cry:

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That was a lol-tastic try.
This could be a super end to end shambles.

Yeah I’m not working.

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I’m enjoying this!

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I’m on the same time zone so I may already be a bit pissed. This is great.

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fortunately for me, my boss is also a rugby fan (and fellow wasps fan) so when he walked into the office this morning to see me watching the game on one of my screens his only comment was to ask me to put it on the main screen.

Early start in the morning. Come on Fiji!

That was my fault. I jinxed Fiji like fuck there

I turned the TV on 5 seconds before Latu’s first try and then it was a non stop hammering from there.

Just caught the end of that, still I have the Aussies in the work sweepstake so I’m not too gutted.

Don’t quite know what to expect from this game.

The French kit is absolutely lovely isn’t it.

Top rugby insight there.

I’m going… flips coin… France.

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Utterly shocking reffing in the Fiji game. I’d be fuming if I was Fiji.

Penaud is sex. Argies are awful

and yes, French strip is nice