The Skateboarder's Companion

Definitely thread-worthy.

Leo Sharp and Ryan Gray’s new mag. £4.99, and in proper shops and everything. The plan is to cover the uncovered, and it’s going to be great.


Oh waddup someone told me about this being in the works the other day, so I’m glad to see it’s actually a thing.

I’m gonna do a buy.

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Looking forward to seeing what direction they go in.

Yep this will is be great

Sounds like a Victorian porn mag. Skaters lifting their trousers up to show a bit of bare ankle. That sort of thing.

I’m in.


Trends suggest this will be true.


Yes, stoked on this.

So all of UK skateboarding then?


Sounds ace!

Looking forward to checking this out.

When you say in ‘proper shops’, do you mean skate shops, or whsmiths?

Both! Skate shops WH Smith.

Who is publishing it? Also, websites not working for me

No idea, this is all I know.


Wow, I thought the days of wandering in to a newsagent to peruse a physical skatemag were gone forever

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Think the website goes live on the 21st

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This could be very cool. Someone said copies of this will be free from skate shops. Is this true or am I being lied to?

Fucking rad!

Man I hope they do a subscription/mail order as I miss so much those days of hearing that grey bag with the latest Sidewalk or Document dropping through my letterbox soooooo much!


Free definitely do subs. I’m sure Grey must be on it now. Free is through Parade so check there?

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