May as well make a little home for the series. The footage thread is more of a group chat I’d say

I have a fairly large amount of footage sitting on HDD’s that I am now uploading raw - you know, like those Raw Files things you see on the inter-webs.

Tonnes of Moggins footage on the way as well as Chezzy locals and more

Anyway, here’s the first instalment:


And here is the second. Next episode will be Moggins


I remember Tich from a long long time ago. He must of been about 12, with the face of a 60 year old.

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Amazin. Do you think he’d remember you? Where was that at, Belper or what

Maybe, I’m Harry from Derby, he used to come down with Nick from Belper.

Noseblunts on that bank in the Measham clip were rad!

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You know Brownie? The was a rumour about him doing some huge double set in a school is that true haha

I asked Titch he says its a myth

Who’s ready for some Moggins footage then? I know he’s a Sidewalk forum vet and a lot of you guys will know him, ‘IRL’ and otherwise

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Yeah I know Brownie. I think he did the double set at Belper school. Then Ave came over around the time Propeller came out and did it. Mad but true.

That Belper school double set is sick. Have a few clips of people there.

@KeithBeef I’m re-watching propeller rn for it. That’s blown my mind a little… AVE… in Belper… doing the fabled doubleb set? In our 13/4 yr old minds back then it was probably a 10 flat 10

You got any links @neddy ??

I’m not sure if it was in the vid, but ave and Rowley definitely got some pic round Derby And Nottingham around that time with Horsley.

Wonder if its hard to find. Might message Horsley

RIP Mpora RIP Sidewalk, but this forum is pretty sweet I must say with all the mod-cons

Yer will post some bits up.

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Moggins in Barca

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