The Violet Promo

26:19 a much better use of that belter of a track


I loved the efron Danzig section.
The opening shots of her section colour graded In blue paired with Efrons pale skin and messy dark hair made it look like the start of the kate beckinsale vampire film, which was fun.


New Strobeck clip. Kader skating a Violet board, not that that necessarily means anything.


That Lavar deck is sick.


Idk, probably. Just to make sure though why don’t you DM Bill/ Lavar/ Dennis McGrath to find out if they’re going to be dividing up the undoubtedly huge profits in a manner that you consider to be fair? And btw, it’s wack, w-a-c-k, not ‘whack’. Sheesh :roll_eyes:


I’m sure these guys have done it properly and paid him. It’s bound to be peanuts in the grand scheme of things like you say! He deserves more than he’ll ever get, he was amazing.

The big t-block Tyshawn and Tiago have been skating in SF was switch tailslid by him years ago. And that was when he was past his prime years as a pro. Probably not even skating much :exploding_head:


somehow enjoyed that, atleast compared to strobeck’s recent output. still a bit too over the top with the zooming as per, but it kinda worked for some of the tricks (flip manny 5050 and the nollie shove into the bank) as it catches you off guard. the whole slightly interesting runup clip spliced into the runup of the actual land is a bit jarring, and a bit heavy on the b-roll too though i guess that’s to be expected when you base the latter half of your career on some larry clark vibes. nice to see the fisheye back and a great soundtrack with whatever tape that dj scratching over portishead track is.

Clip was ok, filming was fine you could see all the spots, but I was waiting for a Lavar clip the whole time, did I miss it? I feel cheated. :laughing:

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Went spot sightseeing when I went SF about 4 years ago, those t blocks are fucking massive. Absolutely no joke.