Thoughts On Suicide

Its always sad news when you hear that someone has killed themselves and in the past ive always thought its pretty selfish to be honest but my thoughts on this have changed recently.Surely if somebody is at a place in their life where ending their life will release the pain and they have tried everything it begs the question is it so wrong.I’m now 54 and have been in some very dark places in the past but plodded on reguardless and as I get older the “damage” seems to have a pretty big affect on your life.If people feel they can never get back to the place they were even after therapy etc is it really worth enduring the pain the damage causes for a lifetime,surely its a choice thing and nothing to do with anybody else,thoughts guys.

Just wanted to throw that link up in case you or someone you know need help immediately.

I don’t know how to begin to answer a question like that. It’s terrible to see someone suffering but I do know that suicide has a devastating effect on others around the individual.

I think your missing my point buddy.

I couldn’t ever judge someone for contemplating suicide. It’s difficult to fully understand what someone is going through. I think it’s definitely a good idea to seek help if anyone feels that they are in a ‘dark place’. I don’t feel I’m really qualified to give my perspective on it though tbh.

I like the idea that change is constant and that you never know what’s round the corner: things really can improve even though life can sometimes put obstacles in the way that seem insurmountable

There’s no doubt about it things do improve for most people like they have for me but saying this as I said before the damage is there because people live the rest of their lives with the “just get on with it” mentality.Like I said I can definatly understand the thinking of some people when they feel so bad that they end their lives because they feel their lives will never be the same and quite frankly people get so low they dont give a shit about the help information.

This is a very raw topic at the moment. So, I’m not sure where this discussion really can go.

There is no rhyme or reason to suicide. People consider it or choose it as an option for many reasons. It’s not a science.

If anyone is reading this and is considering it, life changes, it can get brighter in a moment. Hang on the best you can and seek help.

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I suppose saying ‘just get on with it’ would be a way of not acknowledging that there was anything the matter. I’m sorry if I’m not being helpful. I get that it’s very easy to say ‘here’s some information’ or ‘just ask for help’ and it’s another thing to actually do it when there are so many things weighing on your mind and you don’t know how you’ll be received.

There are people and services out there that can help

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