Thunder Hollow Lights II

Just went to the park to try these out. And as soon as I got there (and I mean AS SOON as I got there), a sponsored kid I know wanted to play skate. So played him twice and drew 1-all. This is after skating nothing but Indys for over 10 years and not even adjusting the kingpin of the new trucks with a spanner. I literally had not even taken a single push on these trucks before stepping up. Also landed a tre first go. I think what I’m trying to say is that I am basically one of the most adaptable and greatest skateboarders in existence. You’re welcome.

I got them after watching that Professor Schmitt 9 Club saying if you want to spin flips you need skinny wheels and light trucks, and these were super light and thought would make a change from Thunders.

How much were they? Where from?
Got them from and they were about 70 quid plus delivery.

What trucks did you come from?
Switched from 139 Indys to these.

Stock. Usually ride Bones Blue (Soft) and with no adjustment they felt about same, a little stiffer. Slight problem with re-centering but maybe they’ll wear in and sort themselves out. But will probably switch to the Bones

Fine, got used to them after 1 hit, felt same as Indys


Amazing. Flips real easy. Did a load of tricks I haven’t done in years first session.

4 out of 5 stars. No complaints. Stoked they make it easier to flip.Feel similar to Indy Hollows.

Will update review once I get pop back and can ollie high enough to scratch a crook.


Comparison of how loose I rode the Indys

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This is my new favourite thread

Need them grinded down to the axle for a full review

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Rad! But I am however totally bemused at how you don’t feel the difference between these and Indys. Thunders and Indys are the total ends of truck spectrum with balance.
Regarding decent trucks anyway. Plenty of shit trucks in between.

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What’s the real verdict?
Are they laughable because they don’t or because they’re really good?

Surely this is one of the most important aspects of a truck’s performance.

Can’t ollie very high ATM. Would love to get FS crooks back. Will do it for the community :heart:

Welcome to the flip team. :handshake:


Ok, so googled them and a pic from above shows them to be not true Thunder dimensions, the hangers are not over the bolt holes like usual, seems these are a new design that are closer to indy dimensions. Figures why you didn’t notice much.

Genuinely did not try any grinds as I was alone in the skatepark. Not comfy with grinds yet and wanted some crew there to scrape me up in case I fucked anything up with my ankle

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Wow did not notice that. Look how the truck holes are it’s like it sits dead centre. Whereas with the Indys it’s skewed towards middle of the board. So the thunders will give you about 1.5cm or 0.5" less wheelbase compared to the Indys. Although tbh I have never noticed wheelbase making any difference to me.

Exactly, looks more typical on your pic, the one I saw made it look like they changed their design to be closer to Indy.

Also meaning that the weight is closer to the ends make it spin and flip better. Making manuals more precise because the pivot point on the tail is narrower.

Mark this is great. Can we request stuff for you to review?

The 30 second reviews should be a thing.

If you send me shit then yes


Got a load of disco biscuits need trying , I’ll send some over for an in depth review.


Gunna set up a new board I’ll send you that.

I am in a tricky position here as you are posting some interesting stuff which the community is into, but your posts really are getting a bit spammy.

There is a thread for this sort of stuff already.

Here is what is going to happen:

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Most importantly I want to see that nose manny nollie flip