TJIF - TJ Rogers Online Premiere

That half cab heel was sick

That was sick. I like TJ, I like his skating and how he’s got his own distinct look*. Also, that Ghost track is a banger. Will watch that again for sure.

Is he regs? If so I really liked the half cab crook back to switch/nollie 180 crook to forward

*Red Bull branded jeans maybe a step too far haha but he’s getting paid.

From what I recall, he stitches a Red Bull patch on his jeans to forego wearing a cap.


Tbf, given it’s usually the lower half of a skater that’s in shot anyway, that’s probably a savvy way of keeping sponsors happy

That is one of the dopest things I have ever seen.


Lotta Biebel vibes. In a good way.

I was looking out especially for this bit, and it was ace!

I really like it when the bars of the music go with the landing of tricks… which this one does.
Going to have to watch again because when this happens I switch my focus to watching the wheels hit the ground.


The jeans are custom made by hand by skaters by a company called @televisisstarcatalog on Insta. I know because I ordered some premium fat dad kegs from there after I got the info from TJ.

They’re not Red Bull jeans, he just sews a patch on them for £ innit.

part is incredible.
LOVE this brian cant


He talks about it on his nine club. How he gets them custom made to his size and how he got other people onto them. I think he mentions how it helped to expand the guys business


Not sure I’d get away with these :astonished:

Was looking for some loose but not hugely baggy to skate in.

Gramicci G Pants or Magenta Loose pants both pretty good.

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