Christmas treat :christmas_tree:

Really good video. Goddam Dee!!!


Wow that was great. That Massimo fella’s a bit handy innit?

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He’s unreal. Nicest bloke as well. Love him :heart:


The line with the fs ns 270 out at the end was so nice.

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Yep. What a kickflip as well.

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And the musical chop!

Includes nicest human on the planet Don. I love Don. National pushing hard at the moment, product is sick too.

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really enjoyed that

oh, and more rebel songs in skate vids please! :joy:


Seconding @sk8arrog8 Massimo is such a lovely guy - likewise Dale and Dee.
Very much enjoyed this.

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Spent 9 minutes watching. Would like to spend 30 min listening to it being discussed on the skate creative podcast now.


@sk8arrog8 ring ring, ring ring

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Have to leave that one to Dan and @Gconroy as Rye will deny that.
Keen Greg?

Forgot to comment on the video!
Nationals tightest and best work. I like the trimmed down and current team. It feels like their strongest iteration atm and the team all look close and tightnit.
Throughly enjoyable

@anonymity always keen to talk skating but feel like this would suit someone closer to the team with abit more insight better, perhaps

Edit- added ‘don’t’ to that last sentence by mistake. Reversing the meaning of the statement. Corrected. Merry christmas

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Hahahaha I’m not sure I’ve got the voice for pod

Interesting to see Dee come up in the most traditional sense of sponsorship. Mag coverage, overseas and regional trips & cover photo all before dropping the debut section.

I have no special place in my heart for skating sticking to a traditionalist route in an internet world, but is cool too see him grow/blow with the fancy moves and hard work, over snazzy trainers and a sleek social media presence


Really good video!

Do it! Give the people what they want


Shush you

Really enjoyed that.

I saw Just Mustard play a few weeks ago and in my head I was thinking this would go really well with a Ryan Gray edit. And then low and behold, he uses them in this. Music choices all worked really well.

Edit: perhaps a bit of bonus footage? Clearly from a National trip.