Tony Hawk - "Tapes you leave behind."

To be this progressive for this long is superhuman.


Classic Tont!

Mad how he got too old to be spinning around in the air, so decided to double down on arguably way more difficult tech lip tricks.

Back smith to board to regular was cool.

Don’t know what to make of this part as I have absolutely no frame of reference for how athletic a 55-year-old man should be. That probably says something about how groundbreaking this is - we’ve never seen this level of skating from someone his age before. Still, it’s difficult not to unfairly judge someone using criteria you’d use for their younger selves: “What, no flip tricks Tony?!”

Also, has this been released at this time of the year because Tony or Thrasher genuinely wanted him to be in contention for SOTY?! Or is it more a charitable, we’ll put you on the SOTY long list sort of thing? ‘cos this isn’t going to win it. Maybe there’s a bit of Hawk ego in there somewhere and he still wants to be competitive, feels like he has something to prove, despite the dimming of the light. Not sure I rate the ‘900 Films’ company’s production values either.

Best clip was the Mullen clip. Loved all the cameos.

Going back to when I was a grom and just started high school….paraphrasing a bit lol

‘Hey Mike, we’ve seen you skateboarding’
‘Do you know who the best skateboarder in the world is?’
‘It’s Tony Hawk’

Just started high school, so 1989.

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He’s real he knows he hasn’t got a chance for SOTY

Interesting he’s still punting out parts though, not that long ago he was selling NFTs and ‘retiring’ tricks (iirc you’d basically own the rights of the footage of the last time he would do certain tricks) which I thought was pretty clever. No idea what tricks they were but if someone is prepared to pay for footage of you doing your last double varial flip then good for you.

Cab could’ve gone a bit higher with his cab aye?


I’m surprised the 540 wasn’t in there as he made a big deal of finally landing the first one after his leg break recently.

So many amazing tricks in there. I can’t imagine how long some of them must have taken. How do you even begin to get your head around trying an allez oop fakie cess slide to mayday grind??

He might say this is his last full part, and it might be, but there’s no way he’s going to stop pushing himself to progress. It’s just who he is.


It’s good to see him relaxing and doing the kind of skating that suits him rather than trying to keep up with anyone else. He just seems to be really enjoying his skating. His style seems to have improved almost. I used to really enjoy it when he would do simple stuff when he was in his prime, like huge backside ollies, he was so obsessed with progression all those younger years there wasn’t enough of that