TOTM | April 2023 | Grind a coping

Any grind on any coping. No limits.

Have fun!




Not gonna get an instant submission from me on this one

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Just remembered it’s Easter so my skatepark is going to be a scooter warzone for the next two weeks :slightly_frowning_face:

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Had the quickest lunch sesh ever, thought I’d get the ball rolling with a little something.


Wassup tossers?


I only have lame excuses @franc !

I reckon I could manage a slash grind. Backside for sure, frontside would be great.

I tried tonight but I’ve got nothing at the moment, sorry :persevere:

Will go to the local mini for a FS 5-0 revert when I’m back in the UK


Ha fuck that was going to be my trick. Going to have the snake the fuck out of you.


Easy mate I can’t film anything till the 22nd once I’m home and posted a load of shoes. Might try shuv in and crack my head open fuck it.

That and half cab flip on minis are the ones that got away.

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This might be cheating (I was expecting there to be coping built into the obstacle but there wasn’t) but it is grinding a lip so I’ll submit it anyway to help get the ball rolling.


Nice one pal!

How is this park?

My homie went there a few weeks ago and said it was shit. I thought it looked quite fun.

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Yeah it does look pretty fun to me too!

Alexis Sablone recently designed something in the same vein in Montclair, NJ.

I really liked it.

The tarmac floor on the bottom half isn’t great and I could see why people who are traditionally good wouldn’t like it, as it doesn’t really have any normal obstacles. I could spend hours there though, proper tinkerer’s paradise.

How do you upload videos? Ive done one. A shit one but still

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