TOTM July 2023 - Pressure Flip

Tighten your trucks

Im defo keen to try this. Clackers, let me know what night you can get down The House and we’ll try some fake Hardflips lol.

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Yeah man I’ll give you a shout. :+1:

Hahaha, this is hilarious.

I’ll see what I can do!

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Given it a go, not possible in the slightest


You did your best :saluting_face:

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Did one but it stank

Will film another when I go skating again which is probably in like 2 weeks or something


Hope you were skating with lots of people. There’s no feeling like squeezing out stinking pressure flips in front of a crowd.

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Obviously, its a pressure flip


My shins took two nice whacks within the ten minutes of attempts

Was busy building the new park with my mates but took 5 minutes to film this shite for you guys. I’ll try to do something better or more original next time I can skate.


That was pretty tasty.


Never tried one. No idea what to do but I’ll go out and get a shinner this weekend. Francs was borderline traditional varial flip which leaves me even more confused.


It’s kind of a varial flip but all with the back foot, no toe flick. You can do them straight without the shove it too but those are on a whole new level of stink.

You basically just put pressure on opposite sides of the deck, then release one side and press down and jump off the other. The aim is to try to roll it over sideways.

Adding a shove just makes it a bit more tasteful.

Straight ones are much harder too. They look terrible but are really fun to do.


Dear @jimo,

My left ankle and my self-esteem hate you.

From Switzerland with love,



Went skating for the first time in 4 weeks after a back injury. Tried a good few, but no chance on a wide egg with loose trucks.

Backside 180 pressure flip was really sick. That’s a hard one!


i think Franc just saved us from needing to try this now :smiley:


Yeah I suppose it’s a weird one as most people learn the Almighty Pressure Flip like a shove-it then have trouble doing it like a regular backside 180. You definitely have to put more pressure and hop more for these, if that makes sense. I hadn’t done this one many times before.

As if… You guys get your thumbs out of your arses and do it now.
There’s no way I’m setting another TOTM anyway so you have to do it.

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