TOTW - The Revival Week 1 - Back 5-0

As my set I’ll be posting this exceedingly well executed first try doubles from @nazoreth and I filmed this evening in the world’s smoothest carpark in deepest Peterborough

Happy for any kind of back 5-0 / variation on any obstacle!

Shall we aim for trick every two weeks ? :blush:


One minute of discussion, one minute of filming, TOTW back from the dead! 2022 finally delivers :joy::joy:


Amazing. :joy:

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Awesome! :heart: :heart:

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Who’s setting next then?

Was thinking about this earlier.

A.) you fuckers are lazy
B.) I don’t remember @Spanky ever setting a trick. Make him do it

(he’s need to film a back five-0 to qualify)

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Funnily enough I did some backside 5-0s and filmed some backside 5050s last night but didn’t think about filming a backside 5-0 for the e-bruvs at all. :man_shrugging:t4: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

See when Niall posted this is I was fully expecting a long Penny-esque back five to fakie on a miniramp from you to take the crown

You let me down man

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Hahaha, I filmed this on December 20 but it’s not long and in my mind it’s a pivot grind, not a 5-0. Maybe that’ll do?


That’s exactly what was playing in my mind (except I forgot you were regular not goofy)

@tbk11 winner?

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Back 5-0? It’s on my ‘to learn’ list you fiend!


That’ll do @franc - haven’t done one in years so let’s go. Used to have these on lock so about time I broke my neck trying something.

Pioneer? @BDF @hugo @tbk11


I didn’t set anything, I just tried to calm @nazoreth down.

Let’s give all of us until next Sunday (January 29) and then @nazoreth and @tbk11 will pick a wiener.

mean, i wasn’t mad, i was just disappointed :wink:

@tbk11 is the wiener picker



Ah mate I usually skate 3 times a week and have skated 3 times since Christmas. Had a mean cold for what seemed like ages and it’s been really, really cold for a week now. -7 at mine right now. :cold_face:
Can’t skate outside when it’s that cold and the parks are packed, can’t film there either really. :man_shrugging:t4:


If I manage to get out skating I’ll have a crack, not done one before as far as I can remember. But can in my minds eye if that makes sense….but I haven’t been skating for months so I’ll likely be like Bambi on ice or something :sweat_smile:

Will try to film a 5-0 next time, I only get to skate once a week tho in sub zero temperatures so bear with me…


Right. I need an excuse to play on my skateboard. I reckon its been 5 months since ive been on it!
Does it have to be a Mayday or will any 5-0 do? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Back 5-0’s are the best feeling trick for me. Love them

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100%. I feel most backside tricks are so much nicer feeling than their frontside counterparts. Easier to balance properly too. I tail drag the shit out of frontside 5-0’s