TOTY 2019

With all the SOTY talk we haven’t discussed Trick of the Year, seems like something the Berrics generation care about a bit more, but it has to be Milton’s Sunset Kickflip surely?!

Post your choices…

Don’t particularly like him, but that Alex Midler Flip Back Lip at Arto’s Double Kink has to be up there.


Suciu’s ended (not the 5050).

Romero’s nose manny nollie flip or name escapes me tail slide drop to boardslide from the Toy Machine video.

Can’t really remember any other tricks, or anything else I’ve seen this year. When was Austyn Gillete’s Huf part, last year? That’s the last thing that sticks in my head :joy:

Kyle Wilson switch ollie 3 bins at that Adidas Keep LDN Clean thing. I liked that one. Wasn’t the biggest thing, but I almost feel desensitised to that stuff these days.


Kickflip a table length ways from Tyshawn…

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ABD but his looked cooler.

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That was ABD.

That massive 50-50 the skate mafia kid Alex Willms did really stuck in my memory.

It’s gotta be Milton’s Car Wash kickflip though.

Yeah it’s gnar, but I also don’t feel like that’s something to be encouraged. There’s a level of reckless that delivers diminishing returns for me, at least.

Yeah I found that kind of lame in all honesty