Toy Machine - Real Life Sucks

Probably thread worthy


I really enjoyed it. A shorter, mellow team video but with a couple of wtf moments, and some great parts.

Jeremy Leabres seems to have spent his entire career injured, so it’s sick he came through with a really strong part.

Georgia Martin who I hadn’t heard of until she went pro last week also has a really good part, and I can defiantly see why Toy would want to hold onto her.

Rowley wtf. Sick to see, but wouldve been sicker if he’d done this like 5 years ago.

Braden has insane flick. He’s very good.

Not the best video I’ll see this month but cooler than I thought it would be?

The toy machine text/graphics on every third clip got jarring quickly. Feels like they up the amount with each video they put out.

It makes me think…do we really need skate videos if they’re not Shake Junt videos?

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Of course! Colin Read in the other thread :facepunch: haha

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Wait. What I miss? New CR video???

Edit: Found it. Not new but Tengu’s sick AF.

Was good.
Too much silly graphics.
Last guy was great.
Really liked Georgia and Shiloh.
Didn’t like short shorts.

so is the bunny killer on?

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Finally had the chance to watch - incredible skating - especially Hoban and the ladies.
Interesting looking spots, well executed filming and decent music.
Chill out with the fucking logos and ‘art’ though, Jesus. After the 36th time, Ed T’s handwriting over the footage was less iconoclastic debunking and more advertising. Very cringe advertising.

Over all - this will sell more Toy Machine boards.

P.s. That frontside feeble kickflip out transfer into the bank popped my brain.

Fucking Native Nod for the first section! Fuck Yes. Haven’t watched anything else but that alone means the whole video gets a massivce thumbs up from me

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I’m 45 and still do it.
Although I must say this time it was a bit overkill.
It’s the toy video aesthetic though.

A lot of people over at slap were scratching heads at Georgia Martin turning pro but I think she’s made a pretty good first impression full part. She seems quite young too (Shiloh also) so hopefully there’s a lot more to come (As Sinclair’s scribble said “Keep 'em coming”).

Jeremy Leabres also surprised me. Last part I remember from him was an Emerica video a while back.

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I thought you were all just being a bit moany but no, it was crazy overkill. Luckily Leabres was really good otherwise it would have ruined it. I kinda managed to block it out more later or maybe first part was too graphic heavy.
Really enjoyed it though, skating was really good.

The 2 girls were rad, Axels the man and a lesser spotted heelflip 5050 on a handrail.

Good vid, Gawj graphics. Is Rowley on ?

I know you’re are saying more than one but Toy Machine had Elissa Steamer on the team as a legit member way before it was becoming the norm. They have always been a head of the game in that respect.


It was so fucking annoying.

I didn’t mind the graphics, they felt less obvious on second watch to me. Maybe a few too many to be fair, but I did lol at the ‘deforming your kids for 20 years one.’

Watched it again this morning. The rider I still can’t quite get my head around is CJ Collins. He’s been on for years since he was literally a tiny child, has a pro board, but has never put out a full part for them. I keep waiting for his breakout part, but it never happens. Not sure what he’s bringing to the table.

Does he skate big comps and get exposure that way?

No mention of Myles Willard? Creative skating and a good style, really liked it.
Stoked on Toy having more than one girl on the team for sure.
Braden Hoban’s stuff was pretty surreal.
Didn’t mind the graphics and scribbles, it’s a Toy Machine video.


Has Leo Romero found the fountain of youth?

I liked it. Felt like a proper Toy vid.

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Double post. Edit forum acting weird.

CBA to rewrite but good video, liked the Placebo and Eno, the 2 girls crazy good, the rest amazing too. Graphic overkill