Does anyone remember a section in RAD called Tramlines that highlighted whatever the new trend was at the spot?

I never quite understood the name. Maybe Anonymity could explain (although he wasn’t at RAD at the time).

It would be fun to run a similar commentary here.

Current trends at your local?

It was about trends, people shaving tramlines into their hair was a big trend back then… maybe?

It just means you follow the path already chosen for you - tramlines are fixed with no deviation from the route.


That’s how I understood it

I was getting most things wrong as a grom BITD, haha. I remember loads of kids with rats tail and tramlines at school in the 90s. The U.K’s version of the mullet.

Yeah those were a thing too but ‘tramline’ describes making a decision that follows the crowd, so it was being used in that context. Like when you would go to the mini ramp and find everyone trying to do grapefruit grinds or ollie blunts, or whatever the latest tramline trick was.

What are those again?

I’m thinking a salad grind or something in transition…?

Grinding feeble.

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Feeble grind

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Damn ‘tramming it up’ - haven’t heard that expression in a long time.
I do remember reading it in contest reports bits about people doing the same tricks over and over again.

See also the ‘Nuff Mellies’ cover with Will Bankhead lampooning the amount of melon grabs in one issue of RAD.


Initially my friends and I used ‘tramliner’ to describe someone who, when riding, for example, a 16ft wide ramp, would only go back and forth on a section as wide as a sheet of ply and not utilise the full width of the ramp.

It later went on to be used when a lot of skaters seemed to just do the same handful of on-trend, (tramline), tricks over and over.

I still use tramliner today, despite the fact no one is going to have a clue what I mean, to describe the huge number of people* who dress exactly the same thanks to insta/ tik-tok influencer bullshit.

*not skateboarders, of course, because we’re immune to that stuff, eh.

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It feels like long nose slides and tail slides are tram lines today. Especially if you do a little shuffle into crooks at the end.

I feel like local trends aren’t really a thing anymore with social media ruling our lives these days, but then again I don’t travel as much as I used to so what do I know?

I’ve noticed kids putting the metal bits off lighters on the brim of their caps. Ridiculous.

Then I noticed muska had done the same during his 9 club interview. I’m off to the market next week to get 10 cheap lighters.


Backside bigspins on flat after your hammer (loose use of the word hammer)


A lot of kids (not all) just don’t seem to care about flip tricks. Happy doing grind and slide variations.


The backside bigspin on flat IS the hammer


To board slide it becomes a pop shove it

…for some :sweat_smile:

Crook nollie flip out is a trick in my head that should be impossible but seem to be done by absolutely everyone, everywhere*

*…well…SLS types


Kinda agree there, it’s a hard trick. It’s probably one that needs to be done all the time to keep good or that people want to always show they can drop them good anytime.
Does get predictable though.