Tribute Tricks and References

What sections have explicit references or “winks” to tricks/riders/sections from the past?

Geeky thread kinda inspired by the recent Andy Anderson part with “trick acknowledgements” in the credits.

Stuff that came to mind for me:

How important is it for new generations to be familiar with “The Classics” + the history of how skating has developed over the past few decades? Does awareness of the development of skate history (a notional sense of “progression”) have any value?

Personally I really like seeing moments like the viccy benches section in Palasonic, or Marc Johnson’s caveman darkslide in Fully Flared, because they speak on an immediate level of what has gotten those skaters stoked to push themselves, but also because these nods (to Toby Shuall and Mark Gonzales) acknowledge a wider “scene” with common reference-points and a shared story.

Maybe this sort of stuff is less interesting/important on an everyday session level, but in terms of putting an edit together for the wider public I think these wee acknowledgements can give heart and context to a new video.

That said, Andy Anderson’s credits list comes across as a bit ott, and takes some fun away from discovering the references yourself (“if you know, you know”). Better as easter-eggs imho.

Blather cos am a bit bored on this weird christmas, but hopefully will get to see some fun videos! :slight_smile:

Everything influences everything that comes after it.

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Aye, definitely. I guess I’m just asking if anyone has links to parts which are explicit in how they relate to the past. Maybe a bit of a weird request?

For example, Jim Greco has said in interviews that many tricks in his Deathwish part from a few years back were specifically dedicated to individual skaters he knew/was influenced by.
(dumpster nosepick at 3.30 = Jeremy Klein, for example)

This is a dead specific request, and probably too geeky, but I wondered if anyone had come across similar trick references in other parts?

World park session references a plenty


I think of Penny every time I kickflip.

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Cheers Andy! That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for :slight_smile:


Daewon redid his Love Child part. I think.

I think this was originally with Wu wasn’t it? Rather than KMD?

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Rattray had multiple tributes to Matt Rodriguez and Natas among others in his various sections.

Mackenzie (@deadhippie) really often mentions his influences when he posts clips of himself on his Instagram, he’s quite the nerd, in the best way possible.


This came out not long ago, a nod to lots of past skating…


Most Pontus and Polar videos contains loads of references don’t they? ‘I like it here inside my mind’ has the most I think. He swapped loads of the slide and grind noises for grinds from other historic videos, and used the Powell Propaganda ‘street’ section music for the ‘progressive street’ section with the French guys for a couple that I remember.


I loved the H-Street, Hocus Pokus, references at the start, but didn’t spot the Propaganda bits.

Will have to give it another look / listen.

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As mentioned by buildafire (above), here’s Daewon’s “Love Child 2010”:

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Think so.
pretty sure there was 2 versions floating about for some reason

Sure the song was produced specifically for that Propaganda section too which makes it even cooler

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