Trick of the month July: Heelflips

I struggle with these massively, so no footage of one to get us started. It is however the only flip trick I can (occasionally) do, so using this as an opportunity to try to work on them.

As with June, any and all variations welcome so do ‘em on flat, tranny, post nollie heels, fakie, switch… dare i say it varial etc.

Bring it!! :heart:


YESSSSSSSSS stoked. Need to go back for that heelflip manny I didn’t get the other month



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I did some tonight but I was knackered and they’re so fucking shit I’m going to redo them next week :rofl:

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Weathers awful again so I’m stuck skating indoors. Wanna film some outside clips so guess I’ll be patient

Got these two this morning, proper Jody Smith syndrome trick.


Feel obliged to put this up here as I chose the trick for TOTM, but didn’t ’set’ it. Be warned - it’s only for those with a strong stomach.

I chose heelflips for partly selfish reasons. They’re the only flip trick I can occasionally get close to and I wanted totm to give me the impetus to really commit to learning them. And it’s partly working as I got around ten this evening, albeit entirely sketch. It’s a start though, so I’m pretty stoked tbh. :woman_shrugging:


Finally got outside and it started raining. Warming up for the heelflip manual battle I got some varial heels for y’all -

Still can’t get the bloody manual trick. In my defence the curb is like four inches high


Love it

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Nice!! :+1:

I’ll post the ones I’ve already done if my back/leg doesn’t get better by the end of the month. Well pissed off!!

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Ah man your varial heels are dope! Good work.

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Thanks mate! Not included in the clips - all of the foot wiggles required to get my feet into place :joy:


I wouldn’t be able to do a varial heel if you gave me 1,000 goes