Trick Of The Week 13: Half Cab/Cabs

Ah fair enough, such is life really. At least you’ll fully recover eventually

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Yeah, until the next injury. :see_no_evil: :joy:

I’ve lost muscle mass but that’s about it. Felt half decent on my board last weekend, not like when you get back after an ankle sprain or something really bad.

It’s the mental thing for me. Takes me ages to get back to normal trick commitment after an injury

I’ve gotten better with that. Probably because I’ve been through that often these last 5 years. Oh well. Gotta pay to play.

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Does this count? 2nd trick FS half cab to front board

Mirror line for all you Verso bummerz


Of course it counts you went skateboarding. Also mwad steez.

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And that’s time @Spanky you want to set the next one? You set one yet?

If you have then @nazoreth is next :slight_smile:


Not set one yet, well up for it

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Lol frontside half cab, love your Suciu-ism. this thread has come full circle for sure. Where’s that park @Spanky? The yellow stuff looks really familiar

Wonderful stuff. Fakie and frontside is my fave #unexpected


Doubt anyone on here has ever been here, it’s in Tallinn Estonia

It reminds me of the one that Johnny Geiger goes to occasionally that’s possibly in Switzerland

Yeah @nazoreth, you’re thinking about this place.

It looks really fun in videos and has one of those giant roll in to inflatable bag things

I haven’t been there (yet?). It’s pretty far from mine and I was told the entrance fee is ridiculous. I bet it has fun bits but it looks very Street League to me.

Will try to get out at some point this week gents, hold tight

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I think this next one might have to run for awhile with the holidays and that

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