Trick Of The Week 13: Half Cab/Cabs

Any fullcabs or half cab variations on anything!

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Full cabs do not exist.

Sorry pal, had to. :upside_down_face: :kissing_heart:


I was gonna ask if we’re allowed to do fakie frontside full cabs :wink:


Amended. Haha.

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The doc said I could start skating again in 10 days. I’ll film something for this, even if it’s just a flatground half cab.

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This is extremely not groundbreaking but I got back on my board yesterday after 6 weeks off due to an injury and I’m stoked to be part of this.


Nice cab. How was the ankle(?) after skating again?

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Thanks mate.
I pulled a calf muscle. It’s going well so far but I’m pretty scared as it happened out of nowhere and I don’t know how to prevent that from happening again apart from warming up and staying hydrated. Skated for 45 minutes on Saturday and an hour yesterday. I felt a bit weak but it felt good to be back on my board!

Damn a pulled muscle kept you out for six weeks? Must’ve been real bad

Yeah, I think it was probably pretty bad, I couldn’t walk for 3 days. Happened right at the beginning of a comp I had to judge for 2 days. It took a lot of beer to power through that.

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Shall we go till Friday?


Been really quiet this one. Weather has been pretty bad but surprised there’s been no like, half cab crooks or anything

this has motivated me to try and learn something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ll try and give it a go on Friday


Yes do it Liam!

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I had a trick in mind for this too but I went back to the doctor’s, got my leg scanned and it seems like I might have to wait longer before I can skate again.

Ah man that sucks. What did they say you actually did? Tore the muscle?

Worse than tearing it but not that bad in the end, it’s gonna heal well apparently. The doc used crazy tech words I didn’t really get but told me to wait for a couple more weeks and start skating again taking it really easy, which means skating 20 minutes and not 40 or an hour like I did. Kinda sucks as I have loads of time off the next two weeks but it is what it is and could be worse.