Trick of the Week 15: Fake Steeze

Went for something different this time. Post your best attempts at faking that style. Should be interesting for those of you on solo missions with a tripod

Here’s a few examples including the careful hands, the gansta landing, the p-rod cross arms and the after-pose


Very much looking forward to it. See you tonight (unless its busy and then I’ll be at the car park solo with half cab cam).

I don’t think that’s a style people are or should be emulating to be honest :wink:


Real life LOLZ at this.

hahaha the careful hands are so good man

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I will be entering this more than once!


haha LA coming in strong

Loving this

Haha, brilliant idea and awesome clips!

I’ll get the ball rolling with an old one from 2017. You know I’m gonna film some shit for this.


Hyped for this one! I think I’m gonna emulate some skaters and see if you can guess who it is.
That’s if I actually get to roll on a skateboard, don’t think I’ve skated at all in February…

Points to who ever pulls a Chris Pulman X Bruce Forsyth After bang

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That’s what I was going for in the last clip

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I think I cracked a rib or two yesterday, we’ll see when I’ll be able to skate… :expressionless:

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How you manage that?

Did a backlip on a ledge, thought my ribs were my board.
It’s not that bad, I can work, laugh, cough and sleep, but you never know how long it’s gonna take with ribs. Hopefully skating again in a couple weeks, who knows?

Bruised ribs, you’d def know if it was any more than that.

Yeah, probably!

Yeah I cracked some ribs, had to sleep sitting upright for 6 weeks, not fun

Can we get another trick of the week going? Maybe nothing too gnarly with this covid situation I guess, say a no comply 180 or maybe that’s too easy…

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