Trick of the Week 16: Lockdown shreddin'

There’s no specific trick, just anything really within your limits. Stay safe and keep it chill, no firecrackers down your stairs! This can run over the period of lockdown.

I’ll get the ball rolling. Setting the bar low with a sketchy no-comply 180 from yesterday. Left foot stays on the ground too long…


I thought this was meant to be in our garden?

He lives just outside a power station. I saw him visit the place on one of the grimmer episodes of escape to the country

Put my board down. Landed a stationary 360 flip bolts. Got the camera out and haven’t landed another one.

Every attempt is probably making every pet in a quarter mile radius shit themselves. Skateboarding is so loud.

Going to limit myself to one 5 minute session a day.


The what?

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I live in a flat. I skated as my one exercise session per day. It’s one of the spots my mates and I skate, by the local train station.

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No worries mang

Woops… the ball rolling, edited now ha

Keeping the bar rolling. :crossed_fingers:


Keeping the rar bolling


little clip from the other night, filming credit to my flask as ever



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