Trick of the Week 17: throw down a Big Fat Ollie One Foot

Thanks for the pick @PolarJames !

Didn’t have long so these aren’t as booted as I would’ve liked however, hope to see some nice extensions in here but all danglers & varieties also welcome


Need to relearn the Antwuan foot off to the side jobby

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Don’t think I’ve done one of these since I was about 16. This should be interesting



In my head it’s going to be Ron Allen style.

In reality… :nauseated_face:

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Let’s see which one of us can do it worse, there’s a good reason I haven’t done one since 1998

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You’re on.

I can’t wait to lift that trophy! :smiley: :smiley:

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Has anyone tried this yet? Might have a go tonight, a work in progress ha.

jesus this was 4 months ago? mine were so ugly they didn’t deserve to be captured on film. no one should be forced to watch that

@neddy keen?

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Er… Turns out I was all type and no try.


ive seen your videos. you can do it. just sort of kick the air above your board in the middle of an ollie. it won’t look pretty but it’ll tick the box!

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Yer I’m keen, you remember my one from the other week. Go cruise this weekend, I have little man in tow but we’ll get him on the board. We can still meet outside right?

Didn’t see this thread last summer. On it as soon as I can stand up and skate.

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Wanted to film some one foots but realized I only had my big board when I was out this morning so here’s just one as the big boy 8.75 isn’t really ideal for flatground and stuff like that. :upside_down_face:

Extra points or illegal status for wearing a puffa? Haha.


Ha. Extra points for the puffer and the pivot.

All things considered Franc, you can have all the points. :clap:

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Haha, thank you gents!

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congrats franky brother first prize for participation, get that trick set whenever you fancy it !

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That was rad! Never seen one done like that



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