Trick Of The Week 18: Show Me Your Back Side (Reverts)

It’s a fucking terrible bit of planning , mine had been in there a few times. Apparently ROSPA won’t let them put up fences . The area is a flood plane too, hence the ditches .
In the last snagging meeting their solution is metal grating to connect the park and paths covering the ditches .

Yeah the ditches around are insane. There’s so many marks where people’s boards have clearly gone in nose first. It’s a great plaza that’s made slightly annoying by shit planning

All it needs is a bit of a curb around it. Could even make that into a feature!


Yh, good idea, nice painted slappy kerb would be cool.

Damp here as well but might try and get out for a backside revert, fingers crossed. Only got basic tricks but thinking about a frontside no comply with a bs revert.

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Hahah. @franc and @tbk11 are the only people who skate on here anymore. @niallc and I go once a month. Hahaha.

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I skate as much as I can but it’s hard as it’s already dark when I’m done working these days. It was cold today too. 2°C. Glad I wore warm socks. Roll on spring!

Our creative future is in your hands now!

I’ll film something this week for you all. Couple of ideas. I’m disappointed that my shitty trick won it :grin::grin::grin:

You totally won mate!

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Haha, if I wasn’t in covid/home/hell i’d have done something on the ramp but then again, maybe not, I have never submitted anything.

Being called a wanker really hurt my feelings. :frowning:


Haha franc.

Congratulations nazoreth!

Still counts doesn’t it? :crossed_fingers:

My once a month was a week ago but I didn’t try one foots & reverts hadn’t been set yet.

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I said I loved you though.

Well, kinda.

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Well done Nazoreth. I went out on Sunday but was skating with a mate and felt self conscious about filming myself when he’s doing switch flips and stuff and me trying such a simple trick ha.

Look forward to the next trick of the week.

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I think the last time I got someone to film me was the cabellareo week and I felt so bad because it took me 30 minutes to get a good one. Its annoying because static cameras make everything look tiny and super slow (skating really slow doesn’t help)


I stress out whenever people film me, I feel like I’m wasting their time if I don’t land my shit in ten goes. Staticam is cool. I don’t care if it doesn’t look extraordinary, who would I try to impress anyway? Doing it for me and my mates (and my virtual mates).


just have to get over the first few times cringing at filming yourself then it’s fine (until your phone falls over and you miss the trick/some cunt gets in the way just as you land)

need to get over asap !

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