Trick Of The Week 18: Show Me Your Back Side (Reverts)

Backside reverts this time!

On anything. Flatground, transition, out of a grind or a slide… Anything counts.
Bonus points if you do it wearing a puffa.

Hope this is cool for you my bredbins.


Ooh fun

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Thought I’d get in quickly and set the bar really low for y’all

I’m so sorry


Gunna have to find something old, foots fucked.

Fuck yeah boyz!

Found this clip from 2016 at Cirencester and thought I’d chuck it in here. Probably better for “doesntmeanyoushould” mind!


Did my first backside nosegrind revert in nearly ten years at the end of summer, and haven’t done one since, so I’m gonna go with this clip…


Good stuff!

You guys have the whole weekend to film something, we’ll see who gets the crown on Monday!

determind to learn back d reeves for this, will give it a go tomoz if its dry !

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That is a backside crailslide revert, not sure if you can tell since it’s poor quality,

Easier than it sounds and feels good.

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That’s sick. I don’t know why but crailslide (attempts) result in the most ridiculous slams for me

Yeah but because you’re crouching can kind of just slide since you’re already close to the ramp haha. Know what I mean?

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Whilst I get you, it tends to result in me landing on my back sooner or later

I’m all for recycling but you guys need to get your thumbs out of your asses and film new shit.


Going to be v difficult for me to get out will try tho

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Dampness has definitely made it hard to film anything

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Hey I’m still out riding! Left the house at 7am this morning to take the yoot-dem out. It’s just hard to films

Stupid council

I wonder how many boards will shoot out into that ditch?