Trouble with moving ollies.

So I can land moving ollies around half the time i do them. Issue is they are low ollies. Bigger issue however is that I can’t get my foot placement right when I land - I hear that with moving ollies you should jump slightly forward but when I do I my front foot ends up at the nose of my board instead of being near the front bolts. How do I fix this?

If you post a video people can give you some tips. Slow down footage of good skaters doing an ollie and copy what they’re doing.


Once you get the hang of moving ollies, try to build towards popping over something.
So, ollie over that white line in the car park. Build up towards a coke can. Keep on from there…

But thats later.

There is no fast track route or cheat code on any of this. What @PolarJames said is solid. Start there.

You’re just learning to ollie. Moving is the only way, only answer is doing it more and persevering. Everyone is crap at skating when they start.


Ollie up a curb. That way you’ll focus less on the fact that you’re moving, because you have to move to get up it anyway. You’ll focus on getting onto the obstacle, not on how fast you’re going or what your feet are doing it how high to jump. The height will come.

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Turn your front bolts upside down so that the bolt side sticks out. The bolts will hook onto your shoes and give you instant massive ollies.