Following a couple of sections over the past week, my friend Joe Allen’s new Leeds based video, TROUBLESHOOTING just went up.

It features parts from myself, Harry Meadley, Joe, James Kelly, Jono Coote (of Vague Skate Mag editorial fame), Tom Davies, Paul Watson (recently seen in Will Smith’s Vans UK video, ‘MUSH’), and Welcome Skate Store’s new generation, Logan Riley and Naidan Glover. (Pardon the partial self plug here but @Gconroy told me he was making a thread anyway if I hadn’t by the time he’d finished watching, ha.)

I also interviewed Joe to accompany the video, which is up on the Vague site alongside a bunch of photos I shot whilst he was filming it.

As mentioned by @jimo below, there’s also a little zine to accompany the video, ‘Piece To Camera’, featuring some of the photos in the above interview and much more. It’s available at Welcome, The Palomino Club, Division 24 and Cardiff Skateboard Club.


Leeds smashing it right now.

That was great, Leeds firmly taken the crown from Manchester as most productive scene

You smashed it Farran, nose manual up the and the last tailslide manny trick were banging!

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Literally arrived this second :smiley:

Ha, stoked! Also literally emailing you guys with info now!

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Full review imminent


I do :heart:

Marry me

biased review:
Another feel good banger from Joe.
Highlights: some great out of the box manuals sprinkled throughout the video;
Boardslide fakie manual, fakie front shove by Joe himself.
Switch front shove fakie manual into one of the best looking manual pads in England by Tom Davies
Front noseslide to fakie manual half cab by harry meadley
Forum’s own @PiledriverWaltz claims best manual combos and this is potensh his magnum opus section?
Stand out Farran manuals include:
Tail slide biggie to switch manual
Fakie frontside shove it switch manual, switch frontside 180
And video and section stand out- nosemanual up the big bank that people trick into in Sheffield (uni?)

Manuals aside, there are some great unconventional spots, a nice soundtrack and mix of styles represented through the video.

I’m not sure where the line is that separates a ‘friends video’ from a ‘scene video’ but this feels like a genuine mates vid that’s had a lot of love and hard work out into it.
Big fan of Joe and all he’s made that I’ve seen


Is it cool to drop this here rather than the footage thread? New video from my pal Joe which he started filming as TROUBLESHOOTING was winding down and featuring the same crew. Something of a themed project which travels from the suburbs of Leeds and into Yorkshire, throughout the countryside and rural spots, before wrapping up on the coast.


As a soon to be full-time West Yorks resident I really enjoyed that, lots of spots to explore when weather improves

Whereabouts is this?


Preston, Lancs.

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go on…


It’s in Preston, as @WallyBazoum said. It’s probably better known for the DIY ledge on top of a mellow bank that Leo (dude in your screengrab) did a trick off before that grind. The spot always made me think of Big Push edits so I was stoked to skate it.

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Moving to my girlfriend’s in Todmorden, hoping to spot some UFOs :alien:


There’s a coincidence, I was just watching an old interview with the policeman from that UFO sighting case last night.

I’d like to live in a Futuro house like this one being pulled through Todmorden in 1971 (perhaps influencing PC Alan Godfrey’s sightings a few years later) :space_invader:


Ha, I didn’t realise Troy McClure‘a house was real…



We’re coming over to Tod this afternoon @visuals0und, so might see you in the Golden Lion later!

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Mike Wright and Div sightings on tap

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