Tyshawn's 'The General' part

SOTY klaxon, let the race begin!


Has Tyshawn skated to this track yet?


So great.

Cor blimey

That was probably the best video part I ever watched.

Bloody hell that was nuts. Back Noseblunt in SF blew my mind!

Was nice to see a part from him with no Fat Bill mega zoom. For the record I like Bill’s work and the Supreme video’s but some of the clips in Blessed were undoubtedly spoiled by it. Switch flip near the start of his part springs to mind.


DMX and Varial Heels for the win


Some biiiiig switch hammers in that geez

That was heavy ! Dude has the power of a gazelle , the fucking height he gets popping those heels and flips . In his own league. That was banging

Switch over the picnic bench longways was nuts.

Biggest pop out there?


Just realised the subway kickflip wasn’t in there… presuming the “to be continued” is another part that will feature that too.


Back noseblunt and the switch Ollie were very impressive.

I’m going to be that armchair critic though, but I just don’t think Tyshawn has a very good style…


Agreed. That switch ollie was mind blowing but the roadgap fakie hardflip was proper stinky.

The pop and what he does the tricks over/down/across are all insane but also not really mad on it. Just prefer more lines and a bit less like he’s always fighting how loose the trucks are.

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There’s so many amazing tricks in here I just had a rewatch to see what I could pick out that I thought WOULDN’T be a standard high level pros ender.

Here’s my subjective, therefore useless, data harvesting.

Total number of clips:
-20 singles
-2 lines

Maybe an ender:
Nollie flip back 5 0 in ATL.
Back 180 bump to bar line.
Nollie fs flip over rail.
Switch fs flip big stairs line
Ollie over to back 5050 long tall mellow rail.

Not an ender:
Front blunt in SF.
Back heel over bump to bar

Everything else:
Ender by anyone else’s standards

Tyshawn is so good that by proxy to the rest of his section, the front blunt and back heel almost felt like filler.

How stand out is someone’s skating that those are the only two clips you think maybe shouldn’t have made into the edit.
Both clips are amazing by the rest of the worlds standard. He’s operating on such another level


Also given he used two Yonkers artists, DMX and LOX (group), I was really hoping my Google search would tell me that Tyshawn was also born in Yonkers. Turns out he is from the bronx.

Was hoping the ruff Ryderz theme was gonna be a home turf thing but still stoked he used jadakiss either way

I’ve watched the 360 flip at 1.11 about 30 times.

Ruff Ryders is a guilty Hip Hop pleasure of mine.

Thought that was one of the best tricks :man_shrugging:


Fuck SOTY. Meaningless bullshit. It was a fantastic part with some characteristic Tyshawn swagger. If the best (imo) skater (Tiago) can do some of his part then so what. The rest is all pure sickness

I actually prefer watching Tyshawn skate over bins on flat ground tbh. No one is stepping to that

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