Ugly tricks done well.

Post ugly tricks done well.

Here’s a V bomb.

Fuck, I did an update and now Insta links are totally spannered wtf

Fix it so that you can see the V bomb.

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Yeah it needs fixing. Only because I dont know what a V bomb is.


I knew it!

Awesome, I think I could shove one up my ass and see what happens - quite literally, putting glitter on a turd.

A v-bomb is a varial flip.

The clip I posted was Sarmiento doing one and it looked good.

What else looks shit normally until someone good does it?

Obvious one has to be BA’s ‘Yeah Right’ ender.

Then you’ve McCrank’s last trick at Le Dome in Menikmati.

I reckon that would be pretty shit


I always thought Nate Jones and Tim O’Connor had the best looking varial flips.

Oh and BA.


love his skating, one of the best shove it flicks.

An old QS post here re the above.

Heelflips are generally pretty hard to look good.

Unless you’re from Liverpool.
Or Marcus McBride

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Why did Cactus come into my head when I read that? I can’t even remember if he did them? He deffo did switch ones, right? Haha.

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He was definitely annoying :joy: