UK Champs - 12th-14th April, Graystone Skatepark, Manchester.

Dechuna seems like a try hard YouTube skater and looking him up in said YouTube, revealed as much.
It’s like he’s in fast forward all the time and not at all relaxed.
Not pleasant to watch, Jago seemed much better all round.
Didn’t realise Dixon was British or even the guy with that recent gnarly Thrasher cover.


Would much rather watch Jago

Great weekend of live streamed events thanks to this and Vert Attack!

Watched on BBC Sport, commentating from LA and Anon was spot on, great work all involved.

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Back home now - cheers Voodoo. Will have a look at this later. :+1:

I just caught up with the Female Bowl final. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy watching a skate comp on TV but really did - the skating and commentating were spot on. Sky Brown is unbelievable, but I personally enjoyed the end of Helena Long’s second run the most.

I found myself cheering when LA and Anon popped up on screen, even though I don’t know / have never met.

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I really enjoyed the BBC coverage. Watched most of it yesterday and caught up with the end of the men’s comp today on my lunch.

Anons and LA’s coverage was spot on. Simple enough that my parents would understand it, but not watered down enough that its teaching me to suck eggs.

Much preferred to the coverage of something like Tampa pro which just comes across as overly cheesy in comparison

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A football ‘banter’ page has now shared that clip. Mad how far it has reached.

Did both those guys make a full recovery? I heard some neck injuries which is hardly surprising

It appeared on JD sports insta yesterday morning with the caption “Monday morning hitting you like…” or some alike witty banter :roll_eyes:

It’s got 80k retweets on twitter from some shit account.

Not a make?

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That’s a good account :slight_smile:


Banter and memes

What account please?

On Twitter?


Our recap of the comp by Dave Morgan, Lewis Royden and Garry Jones!