UK Champs - 12th-14th April, Graystone Skatepark, Manchester.

Sorry for the cut & paste job - I’m a bit busy but thought I’d just get info on here:

On April 12th – 14th 2019 the premiere of the UK Skateboard Championships will take place at Graystone Skatepark in Manchester. This is the first official national skateboarding competition to be held in England, with competitors earning qualifying points for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

More than 140 of the UK’s best skateboarders will compete in street and park disciplines during this three day event in the heart of England. Qualifying rounds for both male events will will take place on Friday 12th April, with the men’s and women’s semi’s on Saturday April 13th and the all-important finals concluding on Sunday April 14th.

Competitors for the event will be invite only, with a selection process which includes: current UK ranking, previous competition standing, sponsored and professional status and future potential in the two event disciplines.

Confirmed skateboarders for the event include Sky Brown, Alex Decunha, Jordan Thackeray and Alex Hallford, all of whom were recently selected for the Skateboard GB aspirational squad.

More info here about tickets and registration :

Sick. Wish I could go for a gander. Is Manchester in the north or heart of England? :grin:

Go to this!

I saw a post on instagram and the first question in the comments was “Will this be streamed anywhere?”

Go to things. Get in cars and on trains. Buy shit food from service stations (and jazz mags) and live a life outside of instagram.


Will Alex Decunha’s dad be there?


He’s running it…

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Men’s street finals about to begin:

On iplayer.
Alex Dechuna has a horrible style.
Not keen on that George guy either.

Belvedere with a nice sweary t-shirt for the BBC


One of the women was wearing a Shithouse skateboards one as well!


I managed to catch a little bit and saw that.

I’m away from good internet access - am I asking to much to expect it to be on iPlayer?

It is : Watch UK Skateboard Championships live - men’s & women’s finals - Live - BBC Sport

iPlayer has the option are watch from the start, or pull it back.

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It’ll also stay up on YouTube.

100% agree. Kickflips in particular


Clive Dixon probably should have been higher.

Joe Hinson deserves the win though.

ermmmm no thanks m8


Was impressed with the standard from the insta clip I saw. Didn’t know who anyone was. Who are this people. Jago, who does he skate for? De Tuna? Poole?

Aaron Jago is from down this way (Devon), and is getting vans shoes from manhead, Jart boards from the uk distro and skates for flatspot.

He’s amongst an elite of 4-5 UK comp skaters who are amongst the technically most gifted I’ve seen, but no legit UK board sponsors will go near.