UK Skate Forum and helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Hi everyone

I have set up an extra server using money from Patreon subscriptions to help scientists at University of Washington’s Baker Lab. They use all the computational power they can get to find proteins for the treatment of COVID-19. So there is now a ‘UK Skate Forum’ funded server mashing through data for them as we speak, and it will continue to do so until they have completed their research, have exhausted their computational requirements or until all the subscribers here quit and I have run out of cash to help fund it!

To see what they are doing at the UoW please see here: Coronavirus – Institute for Protein Design

If you would like to contribute to this the please consider becoming a Patreon and subscribing to the forum. I am not into guilting people to do it but I just thought this would be a way for Forumers to contribute a little something to fighting this worldwide pandemic, without having to leave their computer.

Consider becoming a Patreon for the UK Skate Forum here and help scientists fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is all. Cheers.


Hell yeah.

Only via subs at the moment. If you want to donate something extra you’re better off finding a COVID-19 charity of your choice and giving directly to them…