UK Skate YouTubers

Perhaps I’m opening Pandora’s Box here, but are there any UK Skate YouTubers who are doing it regularly and getting a bit of a following? All the ones I can think of, bar Hop King, are US-based and it would be good to see what a UK YouTuber looks like, how many views they can manage etc. Suggestions if you have them.

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They all skate for Hop King I think and so weird tricks.

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Ash Mercer from the latest Braindrain covers a few, probably start there


Everyone should follow him on insta. Super sound guy posts a lot if his old stuff but also is in the works of making a video. So he always got some off cuts that he posts on the off cuts. He also sells some dope merch.



Bahaha, yes Morph

Sorry that was a bit of shameless self promotion, listen you gotta back yourself these days don’t. Ya. If you don’t believe in yourself who else gonnna? :joy: but please do follow and keep eye open I been posting alot if exclusive olds and new stuff. Got a solid crew I go out with so the line up will be good but varied. Also loads of good ideas for sound tracks. Cos of legal shit ima just use my boys who all rap or dj and do a mixtape style ting. Should be good I’ve got the plan for it. Can’t wait to show the world it. Been a long time since I made my last full length


who’s the unfunny guy with the mullet and moustache

sk8 wine, it’s so bad, wish had never come across that channel



He seems to be big mates with Sean Goff


Red flag.


He’s a bell.



Dan webz is one UK skateboarder that I know off