UK Skateboard Museum

Back in the Sidewalk Forum days, there was a thread about a UK skateboard museum. I think an old forumer was involved…Maybe @wayout ?

I sent a boxful of old mags down and have finally gotten round to clearing the rest out and am ready to ship another box…

Any ideas?

It was wayout, Skate library at the skatepark if i remember right?

Ta! hopefully he’ll reply with where to find info otherwise, I’ll DM him.

I need two mags will check the issues, just want them for my boy.

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192 and 209

Sorry bud - they are long gone to the skate museum when I sent them stuff a few years back.

@Londonskater hey mate, yes that was me. It took a bit of a backseat but I still have all the contributions and am wanting to kick it back into gear, would be very grateful for another contribution!

shit I offered to send these a while back didn’t I. I’ve got a spare 209 dunno about the other I’ll take a look.

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Rad! Can you DM me an address? I’ll get a shipment sorted.

Thank you. Stoked they are not going to be chucked.

Thanks Liam

Just received a box of 50 or so mags kindly shipped over by @Londonskater to add to the collection. For those who don’t know, I’m trying to gather all copies of UK magazines to make some sort of skate library / archive. I work in a skatepark so it will be something that can be viewed by the public in some capacity. So far we’re well on our way to having all copies of Sidewalk, but struggling with anything else. I’m hoping to soon receive a small bit of funding to help with postage costs for anybody that wants to donate but for now if anybody has any shipping hookups and might be able to blag sending a large box somehow then please get in touch! We’re based in Brighton.

@neddy I’m gonna go through and index everything in the next few days, so will dig out your mag then.


Why not speak to Kevin at Lookback Library? Although he’s in San Diego and he might end up sending you a load of mags I sent him in the first place…

Getting the last few Skate Actions just about drove me mad, so good luck there.

Would be dope if someone left Sidewalk & Document with the digital files and wiki leaked them …

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I really want The Rad mags from 92-93. I want to scan in the poduct pages at high res.


That when you went to Rad? Love it!

Had to loan them two issues too, even they don’t have a full set. I mean now they do and now I currently don’t, because of that, but you know.

Ah yeah.

@wayout I’ve got a bunch of issues of non-Sidewalk UK mags I’m down to part with. I’ve been trying to have a clear out for a while but can’t bring myself to just bin print material. Can you message me on here or hit me up on Insta with an address to send them to? I’ll start complaining a list later today and you can let me know if they’re gonna fill any gaps.

What board is #12? don’t remember that one, remember all the others