UK Skateboard Museum

Have you spoken to Kevin at Lookback Library?

Yeah man all good, I’m not after any money so donations to Reamers foundation is all I ask as they only sit in a box :+1:t2:


If anyone has a copy of the Julien Stranger Pro Spotlight Transworld let’s talk business


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I can check tonight. Think I might have a copy.

Although @buildafire is more likely to have it than me!

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Obviously I’ve got it, just need to check for a duplicate but I’m fairly sure I do. One has the poster* and one doesn’t.


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Poster? I don’t remember that? The above is from Thrasher right?

not yet, haven’t had time to put proper hours in to it yet but thanks for the heads up

Certainly was. Oops. Wasn’t at home there. :grin:

This is the interview poster:

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Ah yeah remember that I thought you meant a pull out deal

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