UK SOTY 2019 Poll

  • Casper Brooker
  • Kyron Davis
  • Joe Gavin
  • Kohran Gayle
  • Dom Henry
  • Harry Lintell
  • Charlie Munroe
  • Craig Questions
  • Ben Raemers
  • Kyle Wilson

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I put everyone who got 2 nominations or more in a poll. You can only vote once, have at it!

  1. Casper Brooker
  1. Kyron Davis

  1. Joe Gavin

  1. Kohran Gayle

  1. Dom Henry
  1. Harry Lintell

  1. Charlie Munroe

  1. Craig Questions
  1. Ben Raemers

  1. Kyle Wilson

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Err… Dylan Hughes isn’t on this list.

Only got one nomination.

Then I’ll cross my arms and harrumph in the most haughty way possible and refuse to take part in this charade.

Slow clap to the people voting questions for lolz.

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Was going to vote Questions since i joke nominated him, getting mentions is enough. Everyone go #voteraemers

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More importantly, 38 people have voted, how many active users do we have here??

We average currently over 200 individual users a day. And bear in mind only logged in people can vote, most are just lurkerzzzzzz


What sort of percentage of regular users contribute to the upkeep?

How does Craig Q have twice as many votes as Joe Gavin?

Anonymous voting

define ‘upkeep’

Posting regularly.

I think what you’re asking is an ecommerce view of a site that should really be measured on engagement, which is totally different. For a site like this to be a success you need regulars of course but they don’t need to convert or post anything. A common measure is DAU/MAU and I’m super happy with stats for that (we normally get 60-70%).

Fuck all that. It’s all about who chips in for the communal tea, coffee and milk.

Me and Spanky dining out on all that patreon money.

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I’m going to need confirmation that my hard earned money doesn’t even gaze in your direction.

If it does…how can I get in on this scam?

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I forgot about Patreon.

What you been spending it on Cundall?

I’m aiming for Mod in 2020 thats my life goal.


That was a joke. I pay it myself and do not see any of that.

It goes on the cost of hosting the site.

Only top-tier payers get dinner with Spanky I’m afraid.