UK SOTY 2020 Poll

We all know who’s going to win, but for tradition’s sake and a bit of an end of year recap. Vote for one of these mad bastards:

  1. Casper Brooker
  1. Joe Hinson
  1. Louie Jones
  1. Tom Knox
  1. Harry Lintell
  1. Helena Long


  1. Tommy May
  1. Charlie Munro
  1. Barney Page
  1. Jordan Thackeray
UK SOTY 2020
  • Casper Brooker
  • Joe Hinson
  • Louie Jones
  • Tom Knox
  • Harry Lintell
  • Helena Long
  • Tommy May
  • Charlie Munro
  • Barney Page
  • Jordan Thackeray

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Thaxx for trick of the year
Barney for line of the year
Tom Knox for part of the year
Lucien for shoe of the year



That Lintell Cottonopolis part is 2-3 years old. It just went online this year…but has been out for ages.


Agreement, except for the shoes!

Skated with Louie Jones a little while back - the locals in the skatepark were freaking out because a “Palace sponsored skater” was in the little local skatepark. He’s a really nice bloke too.

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