UK SOTY 2022 -Nominations

Forumers, assemble! It is the time of year where we rack our brains and come up with who we think should win the coveted N26 SOTY award.

Please nominate three people, those with the most nominations will go into a great big poll and democracy will decide the winner. Provide some justification for your choices so we can get a discussion going. Remember, Jamie Griffin is Irish (although he does skate for the UK’s premier skateboard and craft beer brand, so maybe, possibly you can choose him).

My nominations:
-Jamie Platt - opener in the last Polar video and went pro for them.
-Sam ‘Blinky’ Hutchinson - my favourite section in the stellar Welcome 2: Hell
-Tommy May - loved his stuff in the National promo Joe & Tommy’s Pack of Lies



Casper - 2 great parts, and obv now pro for Baker


Was that Tom Knox part from this year?

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Blinky- Amazing off the beaten track spot selection and new ways of skating some classics always looking stoked and that second song is just a perfect vibe

Casper- Going pro for Baker with two heavy parts, much deserved

Layth Sami- Killed it in the Skate Cafe vid. Totally unique way of skating, doing tricks unseen of on crusty UK stairs. Very fun to watch.

Also special shout out Greg Conroy for that Grey interview


I’ll be a bit biased with my first choice:

Starkie - heavy last part in our vid and has a bunch of shit in a new NB piece out very soon

Matlok - hasn’t really put anything out yet but has a new Passport part premiering on Friday. I reckon it’ll be banging though.

Casper - wasn’t the biggest fan of the AD part but there were some good tricks in there. Liked his Cathedral part more and going pro for Baker is so sick.

Shout out Blinky as well because he’s bloody lovely x


Starkie is a good shout.

I think Casper is my standout this year, pro on a US company is still a huge deal to me. It’s Baker too. Pretty mental.


The St. Paul’s section was last year.

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He did have some clips in the Carhartt video.

Bushy deffo


Who is our Fred Gall? Knox?


Perfect. Andy Mac it is.

Blinky, for obvious reasons.


Respect @Haven_Hamilton_Official @Dent_Face @franc thanks for the shout! All very sweet to mention.

My vote either my nepotistic Will Sheerin or Dale Starkie, then also enjoyed Caspers output, that dude Jordo that skates for Forecast is well good. Overall if I had to pick I would say Dougie George or Dan Fisher Eustance for my year favourites though!!


Oh and when Matlocks part drops in the next week I reckon he’s gonna be king with them two

OG Northern Andy Mac of course.


Casper all day!

Beyond deserved! Andy Mac