• Matlock Bennett-Jones
  • Casper Brooker
  • James Bush
  • Dougie George
  • Sam ‘Blinky’ Hutchinson
  • Helena Long
  • Andy Macdonald
  • Jamie Platt
  • Layth Sami
  • Dale Starkie

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Vote for who you think deserves it out of our 10 finalists. A footage re-cap:

  1. Matlock Bennett-Jones
    Carhartt WIP Skateboarding - INSIDE OUT - YouTube
    Plus soon to be released Passport part (who he just went pro for).

  2. Casper Brooker
    Nike SB | Casper Brooker | Cathedral - YouTube
    Atlantic Drift - Episode 12 - Casper Brooker - YouTube
    Board on Baker.

  3. James Bush
    Get Lesta - Darling - YouTube
    Technically came out at the end of last year. Anything more recent?

  4. Dougie George
    "DESESH MODE" Girl Skateboards Euro Tour - YouTube
    Jumpy – Independent Trucks in Gran Canaria - YouTube
    Extreme Versatile Sports - YouTube

  5. Sam ‘Blinky’ Hutchinson
    Blinky - WELCOME 2: HELL - Extended RAW Part - YouTube

  6. Helena Long
    Spitfire Wheels: Rerouting - YouTube
    Vans x Free Skate Mag Present: Full Circle - YouTube
    Vans Europe Presents: Buona Compagnia | Skate | VANS - YouTube

  7. Andy Macdonald
    Andy Macdonald Rides For Rollersnakes! - YouTube

  8. Jamie Platt
    POLAR SKATE CO. - Sounds Like You Guys Are Crushing It - YouTube
    Went pro for Polar.

  9. Layth Sami
    TENOR - YouTube
    Went pro for Cafe.

  10. Dale Starkie
    WELCOME 2: HELL - YouTube
    Dale Starkie - 'Scraps' Part - Welcome Skate Store - YouTube

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Blinky also turned pro this year, had a Vague interview and a cover.

But fuck him, I’m voting for Casper.

(Jokes, luv u @42069666)


Blinky turned pro a year and 4 days ago so he just missed the cut


Not in Quartersnacks years!

Andy Mac lol

No Fred Gall option?

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Famously from the UK!

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Like Andy Mac! :joy:

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Voting actually closed on Friday so he’s just made it in time.

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Fuck, was it that long ago?!

Still remember his first words as a made man like it was yesterday.

“Haway, you daft Michael Fabricants.”


*edit: first time I’ve had that autocorrection happen and wasn’t prepared for it, haha.


Bump for the weekend and anyone who has yet to vote.

Currently, we have exactly the same number of votes as we did last year. Make of that what you will.

Went for Andy Mac. So shameless that you just have to respect the man.

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The votes are in and have been verified by an independent adjudicator. I can reveal the result below.

Interestingly, this is the 10th year we’ve done this. A recap:

2013 - nialc
2014 - Ben Rarmers
2015 - Tom Knox/Mike Arnold
2016 - James Bush
2017 - Mike Arnold
2018 - Barney Page
2019 - Ben Raemers
2020 - Tom Knox
2021 - Kyle Wilson
2022 - Casper Brooker