Come one, come all. Let us decide who has been the best skater in the UK in the last 12 months. A lot of videos came out this year - Landscape, Cottonopolis, Cover Version, Rowley’s Vans section - so plenty to chose from.

Give me 3 nominations for who you think should be in the poll and I will set that up in a week or so. I can only accept the first 3 names you mention - so those of you who are bad at counting, be warned!

Previous winners for posterity:
2018 - Barney Page
2017 - Mike Arnold
2016 - James Bush
2015 - Tom Knox/Mike Arnold tied
2014 - Ben Raemers
2013 - nialc


I will start the ball rolling:

-Casper Broker for his ‘Trust Fall’ part.
-Charlie Munroe for ‘Cover Version’ and other appearances.
-Hary Lintell also for ‘Cover Version’.


Kohran Gayle
Casper Brooker
Kyron Davies

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It’s Ben Raemers. RIP.


Charlie Munroe smashed it this year, the Cover Version part, travelling and demoing with the Primitive guys and standing out with his trick selection rather than being a token Brit, and then having tricks in the Primitive vid of a damn high standard too.

Lintell smashed it as well, Korahn doesn’t seem to ever stop killing it.

Kyle Wilson has been smashing it but I think that’s just the beginning from him, the next couple of years he’ll really come in to his own I think.


I think Charlie Munroe getting those tricks in the Primitive vid were sick but Korahn and Lintell probably killed it more.

Also think Jordan Thackeray has killed it in 2019.

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Charlie Munro
Kyle Wilson

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Jason Cloete
Craig Questions
Lee Blackwell


The Jason resurgence is real now he’s quit the booze.

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How’d I forget Dom Henry… damn

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Ben or Dom.

Dom Henry is UK skater of the decade…

Dunno what he does but if skating isn’t his “Career” then there’s something very wrong in the world.


Think he works for Keen distribution he said in his Free interview. Sure New Balance must be paying him and he’s pro of Skate Cafe but no idea if they pay

Needs Lucien on the list.

Joe Gavin has had two or three parts this year right?

Probably, he does every year and they’re all the same

Has he had much notable footage this year? Can’t think off top of my head

(Not a diss, Lucien is rad)

Dom does Keen’s social Media, but not full time.

This sort of tailed off towards the end.

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