Unapromo Screening

7:30pm tonight. Zoom link via here:


Looks like Hellicar, Vaughn Baker, Man and others will be talking about it. Sounds rad.

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It was pretty funny.
Harry is hilarious

Damn! Missed this. would have loved it…
Did anyone screen record, etc?

Didn’t work for me.

I asked the top question and they sort of said yes as it’s a promo thing for Dan Joyce and Pete Hellicar’s skate shops.
I’m assuming they got the idea from the 01206 book club that Mondon et al did over lockdown 1 as Rushbrooke was on both
It was funny because Harry is funny and because Silvester, Pete, Rushbrooke, Harry and Vaughan probably haven’t seen each other forever.
It was nothing more than a bunch of people talking with a video playing though - a couple of questions were asked but it was mainly people ribbing each other.
Promotion-wise both Joycey and Pete posted on their shop instas (happy skate and skate society) but beyond that, not really.

The link they posted on their Instagram page was not the direct link to the meeting but a link to set up a calendar notification for the meeting. The zoom link was within that notification. They need to sort that for the next one.


This is brilliant - I will defiantly we tuning in for the next one!