Unknown Deck and wheels brands

Guys, I’m about to buy a new deck and wheels, a guy is selling both of them in £40, the thing is that I have never heard about it, and browsing I can’t find a deck like that, so I hope you can give me a reference of it

Looks like an I & I board which was nyjah’s dad’s abortive attempt to start a brand and turn his son pro on it after Nyjah left Element the first time.
If it is it might be worth something to Nyjah fans I guess


Just checked - it is an I & I board which is strange as that brand disappeared a long time ago.
Depending on what size you want to skate it’s probably going to ok wood-wise - bizarre that such a short lived brand still exists out there


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Nothing on eBay. I reckon you should definitely buy it. Some freak might pay mad loot for that.

not bad for £40, they’ll both skate fine

Yeah, would keep it and try selling in a few years!

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Nyjah’s dad will buy it back.

He’s the one selling it.


Bro, to be honest I already bought it, and I wanted to skate it, do you think it is really worthy to save it and try to sell it?

I bet someone would pay money for that board 100%.

Where can I sell it?

And how much should I sell it for?

Depop probably. Some place where young people go to spend money anyway.

Or maybe somebody on SkullandBonesSkateboards.com ~ Index will buy it for their grandkid.

Just skate it. Not everything is collectible.