Unlucky Thread

Had a bit of fun listing skate injuries today. Thought it could make for an interesting funny thread.

What’s your injury list?

Here’s my highlights:

3 broken teeth when they went through my lip when I face planted
3 broken Ribs
2 dislocated elbows
Broken Fib, Tib & Ankle
1 finger dislocation
3 concussions
1 KO

Obviously numerous rolls, tweaks and twists. Remind me why we still do this? :joy:

1 ko/concussion+vomiting
2xbroken wrist
Dislocated foot
Broken ankle
5 stitches in Chin
Countless rolled ankles resulting in a lot of ligament/tendon problems in the past.

All these injuries were done messing around beginning or end of a sescion. None doing something worth while haha.

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Only 1 break a couple years ago, not necessarily unlucky, more daft.

I rolled my ankle, not to the side but over the top of my toes, I had a bruise on my calf where my heel had hit it.

Having never broken a bone I didn’t know what to expect painwise, it was uncomfortable, but bearable, so I hobbled to the car and in denial convinced myself it was a click rather than a snap.

Went home and stuck it in a bucket of ice hoping I’m well enough to go to work the next day. Went to work, hobbled around, topping it up with coats of deep freeze as the bruising started to appear. Went to hospital after work, and found out i had broken a bone in my foot, and a couple days later ended up with a fetching boot that I wore for 3 months.

Started skating again wearing a brace after loosing the boot, but the pain and discomfort lasted until a year later because of the initial walking around before going to the hospital and not resting it enough in the boot.

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Good going Ron haha

I always considered myself really lucky, definitely up until my first major one.
Here is a list of ones I remember though:
Split chin
countless ankle tweaks some worse than others
Split eye
dislocated / shattered elbow
Broken ribs in back
Knee pop that is still unresolved

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more eyebrow than eye, def not eyeball which would def deserve your reaction ha

Griptape thumb


Repeatedly sprained wrists and ankles and ‘the knee’.
Never broken anything, not knowingly anyway.
Shins are peppered with holes and scars.

Not me but… was skating our local multi storey car park a long time ago and one of the skaters was sat on a wall taking a break… I glanced over a bit later and he wasn’t there but his board was and I didn’t see him leave. Skated over, looked over the wall to see my mate laying awkwardly on the floor below, fitting with blood on the ground. Turned out he had an epileptic fit whilst sat on the wall and fell to the floor below. We all freaked out, ambulance was called and he made a full recovery. He was back out skating a week or so later.

Holy shit that’s gnarly

Fell onto my arm whilst it was straight at OG Spitalfields, it bent inwards and snapped elbow. Pulled my entire little fingernail out clean at Rom. A couple years before. Turned my ankle over in Melbourne, it went black and 17 years later had reconstructive ankle surgery on it. The fucking thing is hosed. Few fractured ribs at mile end. Aside from that can’t really complain.

Not my worst injury but probably the funniest/least funny at the time.

Maybe the second time I went Copenhagen I slammed within about 4 hours getting there on the first day, daft slam on something tiny, broke 4 fingers, and was camping the whole trip so sleeping was pretty rough. Just so got my confidence back on the third or so day after a couple ones chilling, and fully sacked on a rail and couldn’t walk for the remainder of the trip.

Can’t compete with the above, but I broke a tooth, bit/ split my lip and got a fat nose when doing a rocket ollie (ollie with both feet on the tail and hands on the nose) once.

First few went ok, but I won’t be doing that again.

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My only real injury - I landed primo while doing a varial flip over a flat section of block paving in a cul-de-sac. I fell on my outstretched arm but didn’t break anything, but it went numb and my shoulder came out of the socket downwards without fully dislocating. Turns out I got what’s called an inferior glenohumeral subluxation. That was 10 years ago and it still isn’t right, sounds like a cement mixer when I roll it around and can come out of its socket really easily. It’s only improved in the last six months or so because I’ve started going to the gym and building a bit of muscle around it seems to have done the trick.

The only other thing I really did was at Playstation - fucking around on the old megaramp/ski jump style thing in the corner - I completely fucked it and when I landed I clashed my teeth, not against each other, but onto the braces I had at the time. Tore one of the plates off my tooth and ripped a gash on the inside of my lip.

Two broken wrists, one broken arm. The arm was a nightmare… I came down from a melon over the jump box at my old faithful and we have a 6ft quarter to ride up after that I like to fly out of :slight_smile: … anyway, I hit a stone at the bottom of the QP and just bammm, barged into the ramp with a fully straight arm. Like runnig into a wall with a straight arm. It broke in three places at the Elbow. It was on the day of the Osiris Demo at Crawley and I was having the best time of my life, so I kinda knew it was broken but I sat there all day just watching everyone have fun skating with Caswell Berry and Jimmy Carlin until they went off for a street mission. I then took myself to A&E, rung my wife to say where I was and that she’d have to come and pick me up cos I probably wouldn’t be able to drive home. She was furious because she usually has a drink after work on a Saturday. Found me in the waiting room sitting next to a racist scumbag of a woman. Wife ended up going outside for a fag at the same time as this scrote and the woman asked her if her ‘daughter was ok’… about me! LOLlllll


Got the nose of my board to my undercarridge. Put my little friend out of action for 3 months. Being 19 at the time, those 3 months felt like an eternity.