USA Election. Who wins?

Cheers for the heads up!

10 minutes or so…

on what where how?

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Argh not when gogglebox is on!

Got it live on YT. He is gonna just use it as an opportunity to rant that the election was fixed. My god I hope this is what we hoped for, where he gets dragged off in a massive spectacle.

If only there was a White House website, eh?

You know i’m not internet savvy

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Just had a chilling thought that he could do a Bud Dwyer.

He seems pretty butt sore so far


Is he giving millions of dollars of medicine away for free?

Mayor of NYC a vaccine nut job? That’s mad that he can stop everyone in New York getting it, if they so wish?

Holy fuck he almost just acknowledged it

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So close, he looks beaten.


What happened? I was changing over to CNN there…

he still thinks there is a chance he’ll turn it around. He’s not gonna concede.

Ah. Cheers.

This James Bond villain isn’t in the least bit convincing.

It’s gone boring now. Trump has thrown the towel in

Spending our Friday nights listening to Trump address, fuck you 2020!!!


You knew Friday 13th would be bad.


The Yorkshire ripper dead and Cummings gone it was doing alright to be fair.