USA Election. Who wins?

Who’s going to win the USA Election?
  • Joe Biden
  • Donald Trump
  • A long, drawn out, fucked up draw.

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So, what’s about to happen tomorrow night? A Biden landslide, another Trump win, a stupid draw that suits nobody, somebody to get assassinated, riots, looting, terror? Make your prediction.

Biden wins and all those insufferable Karen’s and Chad’s cry and claim it’s rigged for a week or so.


Some interesting stuff there, but this bit is what worries me:

“The period since Donald Trump’s election has been packed with controversy and intrigue but, underneath it all, few people seem to have really changed their minds about America’s 45th president.”

Feels like nobody has changed all that much since 2016. Could easily lose the popular vote and win again?

Probably. The betting markets must have learned something after last time too, they don’t tend to get it wrong twice do they? Reckon they must have done some serious research and re-doing their polling techniques since last time.

If trump had to win, I think the world would be done with the US to a large degree. It’s been a weird car crash and subsequent rubbernecking will peak at this election as fatigue has already set in. I reckon if he gets the nod a lot of people will write them off and lose interest.

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Biden wins and Trumps claims it’s a fix. Senate closes and Supreme Court gets brought in. Biden dies, Harris assumes presidency.


Biden wins, Trump kicks off and does a 50-tweet speech in capital letters raging about it. This inspires a lone wolf republican nut job, played by Ben Foster, to try to shoot Biden at his inauguration speech. A secret service agent, played by Tom Hardy and secretly battling with alcoholism, a broken marriage and a failing relationship with his daughter dives across the stage and takes the bullet.


As long as Trump doesn’t have the most votes on the night, it’ll be alright. If he does have the most, he’ll declare himself the winner and say that postal votes can’t be trusted and get the Supreme Court to back him, now that he controls it.

A lot of Trump voters will vote on the day, unlike Biden’s (postal) which might the problem. It’s going to get messy, thats for sure!


Listening to pod save America podcast today and they said exactly that. They’ll just think they can vote as normal on the day but run out of time because of the queues. Even though they’ve had the option of early voting.

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yep and now that they have the lady from handmaids tale on the SC, they have upped the total to 3 justices that served on the case that got Bush his second term. Coincidence? Possibly.

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@anon83623327 good reads thank you.

Spoke to my Auntie tonight (hour north of NY) - “Ridin’ for Biden”

She’s had enough.

Horrible feeling Trump wins to cap off this year. I mean Brexit is fucked and we’ll get some rank trade deal with the US anyway. Absolutely over politics at the moment, I used to care.

One of us should run as an MP but it costs bucks.

Donald will probably try a coup eh… This is why, over here, the armed forces are loyal to the queen not the govt…

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If the queen attempted a coup I’d be here for it


The result is going to be in and out of the highest courts in the land for months, if not years, to come.

Current odds and also. £300 million bet!!!

Kinda tempted to bet on Trump.



If I still gambled i’d wager everything I could get my hands on, on Biden.

You’re buying money.


lol gambler talk

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Yeah, I should not have said ‘you’re buying money’.

But I do believe it. I hope i’m not wrong.

Please quote that on Thursday hahaha.