USA Election. Who wins?

Is LBC any good? I’d kind of written them off before listening to anything because they gave Farage a show

I can’t deal with talk radio. The moment they get normies on to speak I just cringe and have to turn it off.

James O Brien is good between 10 and 1 on weekdays


to be fair, they gave Farage and occasionally Jacob Rees-Mogg a show so that they were catering to both sides of arguments

otherwise, what @Mick_Richards said. JOB is a legend. there’s a few other shows that are decent but he’s the best. try to avoid Maajid Nawaz (think he’s weekend afternoons) he disappeared up his own asshole a while back

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I’m trying to get a bit more of a balanced view on things as I think I’m stuck in a bit of an echo chamber at the moment but I draw the line at Farage. I wouldn’t trust him to read from a dictionary


I would sometimes listen to Farage for balance and make it for about ten minutes. The worst is they gave Katie Hopkins a show for so long.

the real eye opener for me was listening to the callers to the Farage show. absolutely insane that people in this day and age could harbour such fucked up beliefs and still be part of society

I’m always tuned into LBC for james O’Brien, used to listen to Nick Ferrari but he now sounds like a Constantly outraged old uncle .
Ian dale is good for a conservative viewpoint and to see what the other side is saying .
Mat Frei i is good on Saturday mornings especially for American politics.
Majiid used to be good but recently he’s gone a bit lockdown mad and sounds like he’s losing the plot especially shouting down literally every caller.

this. as much as i hated farage at least callers could speak. maajid just talks over everyone and when he gets called out on it he hangs up on them. bit of a dick really

Love James O’brien. Loads of good recordings on YouTube from his shows too.
Id love to see them walking past each other in the lbc corridors or in the canteen.

I find David Lammy to be incredibly annoying when he’s on.

O’brien is good.
Ian Dale is ok to hear from someone on the other side as someone else said.
Majiid is annoying.

TBH i like listening to all of them just to hear from all sides.

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Whenever I’ve heard clips it’s just some lopsided debate where he’s embarrassing some Daily Mail addled thicko by pointing out the obvious. Sort of funny at first but then just seems a bit pointless, I haven’t ever listened to his whole show though so maybe there’s more to it.

Listening to Mat Frei on LBC about the state of politics in America and check this madness out
What the actual fuck?

These last few days of trump are really bananas.
How does a pillow manufacturer who looks like Paul bearer from WWF, get this far?

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It feels like we are about to witness another big mess in the next 5 days.

Crossover with the podcast thread-

Good episode of one of my fave podcasts about Trump getting blocked from social media. Quite a good look into potential negatives and positives from both sides and some of the catch 22’s about hate speech and free platforms


Loving this (as long as that mad orange cunt doesn’t actually pardon them)


‘ active practitioner of yoga ‘ Priceless


Estate agents in America are bonkers.


Missed this from a few days ago:

If these allegations are true then the US government is fucked. Full on crisis.

I don’t like conspiracy theories, but the Capitol security on the 6th was clearly not enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if politicians actively helped facilitate the rioters.


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